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  1. I knew I was being obtuse! XD It never occurred to me that the shiny gem wasn't *really* a gem. Serves me right for not checking the loot properly. Thank you folks so much!
  2. ...except that it's not so swinging anymore with him and his buddy all corpsified and gross. Really stinking up the room. So. Got the sword from Oliver, got teleported back to Sawara's. Cue mad villain speech, (yay, Angelo does care!) and my silly paladin lass simply *can't* let the crazy go with a God blessed sword. Ergo, the aforementioned corpses, as I sympathized with Suu and got her something shiny.... 'cause, you know, girls sticking together thing... even if she's, well, evil. Only trouble is... I, ah, can't seem to leave the place. The useful wolf that got me to and from disappeared at the fight, and Suu only teleported herself out after I went and looted the place. Has something buggy occurred? Am I merely obtuse and missing a secret exit? Will my Bhaalspawn be doomed to send her days trapped here? (Not that she'd mind being trapped with Angelo, but Minsc might make things awkward... )
  3. I think so, if only because I stopped trying to learn how to code by messing with the variables and played the game at it's own pace for a change. Can't rush happy endings.
  4. Aww, thank you! I'm just happy to see a mod tackle the Kivan story properly; I've completed the Deheriana path, and it makes me melt everytime. <3
  5. :: de-lurks:: Writing limmericks for NPC characters, canon and fanon, is a pet hobby of mine, if you'd believe it. Here's one I composed for Kivan, abeit, more serious in nature... since Kivan's a serious character. If you're looking for a different aspect of Kivan, theme, punchline, or perhaps more humorous, please tell me. ^^ I'd be happy to give it another shot. When someone you love has been slain And your own heart split into twain If the grief threatens you There's just one thing to do Deal out arrows for all of your pain
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