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  1. Well my main gripe with good clerics having animate dead replaced with a repulse undead spell is that there's already so many other spells that do the same thing. Not to mention turn undead which is like an all in one anti undead spell. I can see why you guys think it should be removed though. I was under the impression call lightning did 3d6 per bolt, with an additional round for every 4 levels? If it is 30d6 max damage then yeah I'd say that isn't underpowered at all. lol By the way I don't have either of the games installed right now so I'm most likely wrong. The Divine Smite sounds
  2. Animate Dead I don't really see why calling the dead to aid you is such an evil thing to do. Demon Knights on the other hand...... Removing them both from good priests is a good idea only if you can find a suitable good summon to replace them. Otherwise they should stay as is, roleplaying be damned. Besides, a player could always CHOOSE to not use these spells. Break Enchantment Removing charm sounds great. Call Lightning I think it's underpowered. Even though it's only a third level spell it was a druid's main damaging spell for a long time in the vanilla game. I say the damage s
  3. Longstrider sounds really useful. Bane as well.
  4. Magical Stone spell needs more damage, like 1d6+3. Also improving the speed factor so you can attack faster. If not then at least up the amount to 20. I never used strength of stone but I can definitely see how a movement rate decrease would be annoying. I say do away with it completely.
  5. I really like the critical hit immunity removed idea. It would make the game tougher but not in a huge way, and as you said, it allows for you to create special items which will prevent them. The ranged backstabbing sounds cool but I don't think it would be fun to walk into Mae'Var's guild and have your party obliterated by 15 thieves backstabbing you from afar. The only way I could see this working is if most ranged weapons had a -3 penalty to backstab with only a few with -2 such as Necaradan's crossbow. It does sound cool though.
  6. I like the idea that the BBoD may be cast on a party member, Imprisonment needs a save, even if it's huge, a save at least gives you a chance as opposed to automatic bye bye for whoever it is cast on.
  7. The Skull trap idea sounds great, but I can see a couple problems with it off the top of my head. First off, having a summoned skeleton at level 3 that can fight for you, that then explodes for 20 to 80 damage is way overpowered. Second, imagine how annoying it would be to use in a party with damage going all over the place. Third, you'd have to wait for the skeleton to be summoned. By the time he was in play, your enemies would already be in front of you. Apparently I'm one of the few who actually likes the fireball idea. I vote yes. I really love what Aranthys proposed for protection
  8. If you want to make space for Ice Dagger, you could move protection from petrification to second level the way it was in BG1. For color spray, daze makes way more sense than stun. If you had rainbow color lights flashed in your face, you'd most likely end up a bit dizzy rather than unable to move. Touch spells are powerful as they are but no one uses them anyway. It has more to do with play styles than their effectiveness. Making them ranged would remove the whole concept. I agree with your view on the friends spell but I don't think you should remove it.
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