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  1. I assumed it was a 'one thing leading to another' kinda deal rather than, say, PC tackling him with intent on the table right after the contract was signed and shook on. Makes me giggle thinking of it though. Poor sod. As I was attempting to convey, it really doesn't matter what feels more “right” to me about Aran. If it works for cmorgan and the players are happy with it, that's all that matters when it comes down to it. The only concern is the mod reflects that having happened between them in a way appropriate to Aran. I did interpret the word powerful as in 'AD&D higher level character' and 'child of a dead god' powerful. Probably because of that being part of Aran's inner conflict. Completely my mistake, sorry about that. So the only potential sticking point is if he would let it come to that with his employer. I don't doubt for one second he'd go along with it with a woman he was attracted to who was not his boss. In fact, if he didn't, I'd wonder if he was comin' down with something. But if it works, great! It makes for an interesting branch of the story as well. The reason I'm a bit stuck on the shy issue is because some of the lovetalks and early flirts have an inherent aspect to them which have Aran behave in a shy/unsure/hasn't-gotten-to-know-her-intimately-yet kind of way. An important aspect of that is without it having happened between them, he wouldn't off-hand know if it ever will, so there is the potential rejection which he wrestles with. I wasn't clear in my last post that I agree with you there would be awkwardness and some reluctance and hesitation between them due to the fact of them only beginning to get to know each other and the discomfiture of having been sexually intimate without having a basis of understanding each other in other ways. I just feel it would play out differently than it does in the talks as written. Mind you, I read those from the forum posts and not in-game so there may be changes in there I'm not aware of. So, to sum up: to quote Aeryn: ...if the sex happens super early in the romance, Aran's flirts should reflect the hesitation of an early romance and not sudden affection when affection hasn't even had a chance to develop. is perfectly stated.
  2. @Aeryn: there is no need to apologize at all. I'm happy to have things brought to light. They were only what I thought and felt as I read the posts. I'm tired too so this may come out garbled. I think, as you pointed out, the fact she is powerful matters. However, from my interpretation, it would be more of a cause for caution for him than a green light. Regardless of which it is for him as a character though, the question is would he even know she is powerful at that point? I haven't installed the mod because I have no aptitude for moding and can't understand the code and all of that so I would be rather useless with helping with the beta, so I don't know what the introductory talk is between Aran and the PC. I assume he doesn't see her in combat against tougher foes, nor hears she is a Baalspawn until later in their acquaintance. So other than the appeal of her being the leader of a rag-tag band of followers, he doesn't know anything about her having power. Would that be enough for him to be driven beyond his caution into acting on his desires if he did indeed respond to being propositioned by a powerful woman who is also his boss? I don't know. Maybe he would. It was just something to consider. I fully agree public behaviour is different than private behaviour. The part which felt off to me was the “shy” behaviour. Aran seems to be the type of person who, while he would not directly boast about his conquest – so to speak – would definitely be past the uncertainty. I thought, based on what I've read of the various posted dialogues, he was a bit hesitant to get involved with the PC for various reasons until he figured things out for himself a bit. That aspect kinda contradicts his having sex with CHANAME earlier than his deciding it was something he had made up his mind to pursue. If that is true, than the mod needs to accommodate his indeed having sex with the PC early. Of course, I could have misinterpreted what I've read and I'm not making sense. I'm glad to talk this stuff over Aeryn. Thanks! *edit* Yeah, what piperb said!
  3. I'll state a caveat right off the bat that I don't understand anything about coding so I may be way off in my understanding of what is being said, but I'll add my two ha'pennies with the intention of perhaps adding something of value to the discussion. *raises hand* Unfortunately I see logic loopholes... Forgive me. I question whether it is in character for Aran to have sex with his employer before having a sense of whether he can trust her enough to do so right away. I was under the assumption he's experienced enough to be more cautious about putting himself into a precarious position like that. It's one thing to have sex with a pretty maiden he's been sparking with at an inn, it's quite another to have sex with one's boss. He is the type who sticks to a contract, after all, so if things go poorly, he knows he'll be setting himself up for hell for as long as the contract (of seeming indeterminate length) lasts. For a guy who's been around, and around from all accounts, that is taking a huge risk. I thought having things progress through building flirts (both PIDs and lovetalks) allows a bit of time for Aran to establish enough of a rapport with CHANAME for it to make sense. And time for his attraction to her and lusting after her, to build. It doesn't mesh well with me either the explanation of Aran being shy with the boss after having their sex-soon-after-meeting tryst. He hasn't, in any material I've read anyway, ever played coy. He seemed to be the type of person who values what he has and wouldn't back away from acknowledging it. From the bits of him I've read, he won't pretend to undo what he has done, even if by all the gods he wishes he hadn't done it. Ignore it, attempt to drink it away, banish it from his thoughts, sure. But him being blushy from shyness after consummation, especially without the emotional intimacy, seems out of character for him. From my understanding of his character. So plainly stated, it doesn't make sense to me for him to 'be unaware' of their intimacy level in his interactions with CHARNAME. These are only my views and feelings about Aran though. I'm not trying to force my opinion on anyone nor am I attempting to be a spoilsport for those who want to have their PC have sex with Aran earlier than the lovetalks and flirts would normally allow. Again, I don't understand coding so maybe my following suggestion would be way off, but perhaps rather than getting rid of the tracking intimacy level thingie (which seems to work for those who are taking it slower) to allow for the early sex path, maybe change content available to the PC. Meaning: instead of messing around with what is already established in the mod regarding tracking and all of that, perhaps the Aran-initiated and PID flirts can be set to correspond with the intimacy level regardless of where the lovetalks stand but with some added lighter flirts. So, yes, a person would miss out on some of the experience of slowly establishing a relationship with Aran, but that is the logical cause-effect reaction to having an early roll in the hay. I guess that would also have to include altering aspects within the lovetalks where he behaves as if they haven't had sex or is acting shy (which would be coy if they have had sex already) - if what I'm saying about his personality makes sense. But that begs the question: is it worth going through all of that trouble to rewrite and edit so much stuff to allow for a contingency which is already accounted for, only a little slower? While it's pretty cool you allow for a difference between the establishing of physical vs emotional intimacy, it comes at the cost of the confusion of what exactly would be appropriate for the early-sex relationship. My suggestion, as always, is to do what you feel fits Aran best and what is do-able and still fun for you. The other issue which springs to mind is how Aran is written to have a particular conflict regarding romancing the PC. I'm going to avoid spoilers here so I may sound a bit vague, and maybe even ludicrous, so bear with me. I don't see how to get it to work as penned. If he has sex with the PC before knowing she is a Baalspawn and before he sees she is as powerful as she is, then, I would think, he would react a bit different than he would finding it out about her in tandem with their intimacy. In one instance, he's already had sex with her from the perspective of her being a pretty “normal†type of person – especially if they have sex the day they meet. In the other instance, he finds out about her as they go. The latter allows time for the concerns to build and grow, especially along with the emotional intimacy. The former makes him have already crossed part of the hurdle. It seems to me there will be a disconnect between the mod as you have thought it out, planed, and built the conflict story-wise if you allow for too much player agency. Again, that is only how I see it based on what I understood about your post, cmorgan. You're a fantastic writer and I know whatever you decide it'll be delicious. Err... I meant it'll be a blast to play. One more thing, I also take a long time to play so hundreds of randomized flirts that take hours upon hours to unfold is just unbelievably awesome. One could even say ridiculously awesome.
  4. I was kinda thinkin' for a Halfling a higher strength may be necessary given the small stature makes it difficult to balance such a large person, moreso if Aran is resisting, especially if both are burdened with packs. But of course you're right Berelinde, women-folk can carry men-folk. For instance I, a woman-folk, have, in my youth, done it many times with guys far bigger and heavier than myself and, oddly enough, they are always shocked by it. Lugging them up 4 flights of stairs is no easy feat! but certainly doable. Never done it with them in armour nor wearing packs though... But Miloch is right too, it can't be carried on for a prolonged period of time. I also think the carrier's physique comes into play too. A naturally 'stronger' build would make it easier than a naturally 'less-strong' build. At least, that has been my experience. A lot of my school compatriots, even male, wouldn't have been able to carry their buddies up all those stairs. But given it is more of a fun RPG thing, I'm leaning toward the notion of the technical aspects of piggy-backing aren't really all that important. Fun trumps physics and so on... While having it animated would be completely awesome... actually, nevermind. I was gonna say it was just meant to be a little flavour added to the conversation and nothing huge, but seeing that animated is just too awesome for words and I really want to see it! Cruel person for tempting me so! My 2 shinny coppers for ya. [edit: Berelinde beat me to it! But I guess it's good to have 2 separate cases of anecdotal evidence rather than only 1]
  5. I'm coming quite late to the party here, and you've said you want to move on so no biggie if it doesn't interest, but I have 2 ideas I'd like to get out there about the "My Kingdom for a Horse" talk and see if either of them appeal... My thought is it'd be kinda fun to have the PC offer Aran a piggy-back ride. Especially a Halfling who has a high strength by item or by nature and s/he could actually do it. Or the PC could swoop him up and carry him despite his protestations - maybe swooping isn't always bad. A more in-depth aspect of this interaction would be how it relates back to the crisis point Aran goes through with regards to the strength differential between him and the PC with the PC being so much stronger than Aran, and how that makes Aran feel. The strength isn't necessarily a physical strength, but it certainly makes a simplified yet effective illustration of the issue nevertheless. It could potentially be used as a reference in later conversations as a tie-in to the crisis point spoken of in other threads. But since this conversation is to occur as a ToB talk, maybe the crisis point issue would have been resolved already. But it is fun to think about nonetheless. Another possibility is the PC offering to buy him one of those little red kiddie-wagons in which he can be pulled along. It can even can be given as a gag gift in a PID, or something, after this initial conversation. Certainly silly, potentially anachronistic or out of place in BGII, but to my mind, fun, and it can bridge separate conversations to give a feel of building the relationship across more than one talk, or some such literary device-thing. Of course, the interaction could have different tones depending on their relationship and the nature of the PC. Thanks and cheers! [edit: evil, evil grammar]
  6. @cmorgan, I'm not sure if this is an error but it seems as if: the c_tob_adust_party ought to be c_tob_adjust_party, but it might be intentional. Thought I'd point it out, just in case it wasn't. Also the reference to a shower here: may be a bit anachronistic for the Forgotten Realms setting. Perhaps a bath would suit better. I'm not well versed in FR lore though so I may very well be wrong. Great work, as always! @berelinde Thank you for letting us know how the spelling corrections work for you modders. It helps a lot to know we don't have to quote chunks of text for you to be able to make spelling corrections. Yay!
  7. Heya cmorgan! Found these, um, errors? for ya. First: They are both labelled uninjured but the bottom one should be injured, methinks. For this one: I can't find the preceding lead-in line. Um, there is no "+ c_finish_hurt", that I can find anyhow. Great work though! [edit] I'm wondering if there is any equivalent mention for a female PC who has had some fun with Channelle as there is for the male PC. But you did mention you aren't going to track the Romantic Encounters dalliances so that likely is out anyway. [edit 2]Forgot about this: In the "IF ~~ c_to_business" section, [PC] is missing the closing bracket.
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