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  1. Personally I think that PfMW is overpowered compared to mantle/improved mantle/absolute immunity. My preference would be to make PfMW only grant immunity to up to +2 magic weapons. However, I realise that this would cause some serious problems for SCS (and indeed enemy mages in general) so I suggest an alternative: PfMW grants immunity to all magical weapons and can be breached or dispelled (same as right now) Mantle grants immunity to all magical & non-magical weapons and can be breached or dispelled Improved Mantle grants immunity to all magical & non-magical weapons and can be dispelled but not breached. Absolute Immunity grants immunity to all magical & non-magical weapons but cannot be breached or dispelled. All versions would have a duration of 4 rounds. And there's a clear progression in usefulness as the spell level increases. By the time it gets to Absolute Immunity, there's basically no way of getting rid of it (it is a 9th level spell after all!) I also have a comment on Imprisonment. I'd like to see a save added to this, but probably with a hefty penalty. Say -6 to -10.
  2. From 2E Monster Manual: "Liches can themselves be hit only by weapons of at least +1, by magical spells, or by monsters with 6 or more Hit Dice and/or magical properties." I think that the last half of that sentence refers to the monsters (and implicitly to the rule that the enchantment level of a creature's natural attack is tied to HD), as spells do not have "Hit Dice" and by their nature always have "magical properties". I agree. The quoted text is identical to the text from other creatures with +1 (or greater) immunities and nothing else gets granted a blanket immunity to 5th level spells. Basically in order to hit a lich you need : - a +1 or better weapon - a magicaly spell, or - be a monster with 6 or more Hit Dice and/or magical properties The last part was put in not to help the players (who don't qualify as monsters) but so that the in-game world makes a bit more sense. i.e. to prevent some low level monster with a +1 immunity from killing a really powerful creature (e.g. a griffon) which wouldn't otherwise be able to hit it.
  3. Most of them? Really? Well Liches are high level undeads, so they are immune to normal weapons, so this spell is all they need to be immune to physical damage. This is also true for Vampires Mages. But the other foes shouldn't be immune to normal weapons naturally. Are they? Well, alright, I may have exaggerated a bit when I said that most of them are. It's just that most of the high level mages I meet seem to be liches. There are a few humans mixed in but these are much less of a problem because I can breach them. Liches are immune to breach so my only options to kill them are to first get rid of their Immunity:Abjuration and then dispel them (via an inquisitor). I don't have spellstrike so my options are pierce magic, ruby ray or khelben's whip. I'm somewhat tempted to install the Spell Revisions mod because i see that it makes things like pierce magic work like breach (and therefore high level enough to affect liches), but I wonder if that might make things too easy. I'm not complaning really - it's much more fun to try and take down liches this way than the vanilla dispel-then-splat approach. Out of interest, where does the lich immunity to 1-5th level spells come from? I don't remember it from PnP AD&D (unless I've forgotten it). PS: Are fallen planetars really supposed to hit so hard? The ones summoned in the Twisted Rune encounter were doing over 50 damage/hit. Aerie and Imoen were often getting chunked on my attempts because of this.
  4. As I mentioned in my feedback thread, I didn't find the blood drain to be a major issue (other than the overly long duration). I dont think it is nearly as dangerous as the mind flayer int drain. For both vampires and mind flayers you are going to be meleeing them with your front line fighters (and by fighter I'm referring to any tank type setup). These fighters will tend to have low int (minsc is a particular culprit) but high con (at least 14). Mind flayers drain 5 int per hit, so a lot of front line fighters will go down in just 2 hits. Even the best will only take 3. A few unlucky rolls and your tank goes splat. Vampires drain 2 con per hit. A fighter will be able to take 7 hits before they die (up to 9 hits for some fighters), and 7 hits from a vampire is enough to kill most characters anyway (unless they get healed). The loss of the extra hitpoints from con (or the reduction for low con) is irrelevant because it only affects maximum health and after you've been hit you won't be at max health anyway.
  5. One other thing I've found is that, rather bizzarely, enemy mages typically don't do that much damage. They are great at defending themselves (prebuffed to be immune to practically everything plus contingencies/triggers to refresh those defenses). They remove my defenses. They often have summons as well. And the occasional instant death spell (e.g. finger of death) if I miss a save. But in terms of straight damage they don't do a lot. I really noticed this in the drow city where you get the option to use the wardstone to take out one of the drow houses. Really tough fight and I needed to reload several times to get through it. At first my tactic was to rush the enemy mages and try to take them out as fast as possible. But the drow warriors were mowing my team down with their hasted melee attacks (only two of my team had a good enough AC to survive). So I tried an alternative tactic of ignoring the mages, formed a wall with my two high AC fighters and held them off on the narrow stairs at the entrance. I was expecting the mages to unleash all forms of hell on my party in that tightly packed space but they did almost nothing - sometimes they dispelled/breached my protections but otherwise they mainly just refreshed their own defenses. I'm wondering if its because they have so much of their spell arsenal diverted towards defenses that they don't actually have many offensive spells left to cast. I noticed this in the fight against Irenicus at Spellhold too. For my first attempts I was trying to kill him first and ignoring my clones, but I just couldn't kill him. But subsequently I tried killing my clones first and it was much easier - Irenicus running around unchecked should have destroyed my party but he really didn't do much (although a triple skulltrap trigger did one shot Aerie). As for the whole mages running away thing. It's mostly frustration on my part that even with hasted fighters all chasing after a single mage it can often take quite a while before I get a melee hit to happen. I often end up needing to shepherd them into a corner with my whole party before I can kill them.
  6. I looked through that thread, but couldn't find any mention of the fact that SI: Abj doesn't affect helpful spells. Although on the thread it did link the spell text: "Casting this spell grants the wizard protection from one spell school of her choice. After the spell is cast, the wizard must choose the school she wishes to be protected from. All spells of this school will not be able to harm or aid the caster for the duration of this spell. This includes all spells from this school, including any priest spells that might benefit the caster." Which pretty clearly indicates that it should prevent the benefit of other Abjuration spells for the duration.
  7. Found something else in the underdark too. Theres a machine which has souls trapped inside that you can free. A couple of the trapped souls are mages - as soon as they pop out they pre-cast all their defensive spells. There's no way they could have possibly prepared for this fight - they were barely coherent when they came out. It's pushing it for them to even have contingencies set up after that long in the sphere.
  8. Karnor

    A question

    Is it possible to make SI (SI:Abj in particular) work properly? The spell description states that it should make the caster immune to both harmful and helpful spells of that class, not just harmful spells. So SI:Abj should really remove the benefit of all those nice abjuration defensive spells, such as minor/major globe of invulnerability, mantle, etc. If a caster chooses to use it then they will effectively be self dispelling most of their own protections.
  9. I've been trying out SCS II for the first time while playing BG2. Overall I've really been enjoying the mod so far - it ups the challenge level considerably and mostly in a fair way. For reference I've just completed Spellhold so far. Vampires I've seen the thread about drink blood. I actually didn't find the ability too bad, but it needs a player with really good AC to survive it. Although I'm not sure it's required - level drain is already a pretty powerful ability - I've generally only got 1 player immune to it so it forces me to fight vampires solo. My main issue with it is that the con drain lasts way way too long. Often I found myself needing to rest twice to get rid of it. I don't see any reason that it couldn't do the same job if it lasted just a couple of minutes or so (i.e. more like the mindflayer int drain. Thieves Invisibility potion > attack > invis potion is an immensely cheesy way to fight. True sight ought to counteract it, but it doesn't because true sight is only checked once/round. If I wanted to fight like this then I'd equip the staff of the magi on a thief and solo the game with no trouble. Mages I really like the pre-buffing thing they do. It ups the challenge considerably. I don't like the Immunity: Abjuration thing they do. No sane mage would do this because while it would protect them from dispel magic, breach, etc it would also disable most of their spell protections (major globe of invulnerability, mantle, etc are all abjuration school). So they would effectively have self removed most of the protections that they are trying to keep safe. The fact that the BG2 engine doesn't seem to properly prevent beneficial spells being affected by Spell Immunity is a bug/cheese - I don't abuse it myself and I'm not a fan of NPCs doing it. I also don't like the way that mages keep running away during a fight. Under the 2ED AD&D rules running away from melee should trigger an automatic free hit from any melee attackers. This isn't enforced in the BG2 engine, and in fact the BG2 engine is worse because a melee swing doesn't connect if the target has moved out of range. It's too easy in BG2 to cheese fights by continually running out of melee range - I don't do it myself and again I don't like NPCs doing it. However, overall I'm really enjoying the changes.
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