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  1. you know, all it does is make us wish we were visiting england to do a pub craw... beer...
  2. this change also affects the fallen dava summoned by illych, in tactics mod, and the fallen solar in the pocket plane challenge, correct??? great work!!!
  3. oil of speed...that always bothered me...it makes it sound like you actually have to rub it on your legs instead of drinking it... or have someone rub it on your legs... oopse...gave bev a hot flash...
  4. its time for BENNY HILL MUSIC!!! as we can see poor aklon running around, fast frames, we can see bev in hot persuit... urm...rob, i hope you plan to add benny hill music...
  5. will it be ok to have shapeshifter rebalancing (or shapeshifter overpowering, if you prefer that term : ) installed??? i am naughty, jaheira rocks as a shapeshifter/fighter...
  6. If anyone can explore every avenue of cheese for playtesting, it's UU. The big question is if you find some horribly exploitable loophole will you tell us? :D Thanks to Grey as well! well, i wrote and distributed the cheese guide to everone who was ever interested, and quite a few people who weren't...cheese is no fun if its not cut, and shared.... cutting the cheese...hehehheheheh!!! of course i'll let you know about any exploits and squinty hacks and evil twisted things i come up with...
  7. i've already told bri a while back i am perfectly willing to alpha test...since i keep backups of override and chitin key and all that stuff, no problem with any configuration.
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