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  1. So there was still a bug even with the other resolution bug fixed. Good work.
  2. I'd exchange this regeneration from this: V1: to this: V1: the filed out one looks more powerful somehow.
  3. Trying to do scripts to install my mod order without actually having to 'extract' the files into the BG dir. I'm wondering if the G3 install files (those with a G3 image) have some kind of switch for silent installs into a dir.
  4. Seems like this TC has a lot of potential to use mods of BG2 that only have rules changes... Things like that iirefresh spells... thing Anyone tried other mods on top?
  5. One really nice enhancement you could code is the most tedious part of the game: the after battle looting. A way to designate/recognize containers for categories: 'magic weapons', 'quiver', gems etc; and a take all button that tries to pick up stuff (that qualifies for the bags) on the ground (move it, pickup to a appropriate bag, output on the console the name of the picked loot); and on open containers, skip the 'move to it'. Most problematic is the user interface for the bag association i guess, though the code to move to stuff and distinguish it is also currently impossible in IE.
  6. Could SR standardize a way to detect cloud spells radius? I know such a thing would require alteration of the spells themselves and that's why i ask here.
  7. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/47494-wip-expanded-triggers/page__view__findpost__p__540285 If you have any suggestions, or wish to harmonize, i guess now it's the time. It looks like it will be a important feature in the future.
  8. Require tobex and use SetDialogGlobal (or whatever it is). There is no other way to add randomness (that i'm aware of).
  9. Nah, it's just the npcs in 3d. This topic was bourne out of the frustration of downloading the evil temple project and not getting it to compile: https://gitorious.org/eviltemple turnbased with initative would be worse i think.
  10. A new phase of the project? Join forces with the Evil Temple project and start working on D&D 3 and related games (ToEE & IWDII)
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