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  1. Your question: does SCSII enhance Ascension, or override it? Doesn't that answer itself? Well, I apologize, but my brain went into lockdown awhile ago when trying to find out the various bugs and their fixes for Ascension, G3 Fixpack, SCSII, and all three of them combined. But the thing that led me to make this thread, was the following quote from SCSII readme. "By default, Ascension enemies use their own scripts instead of SCS II scripts, although a number of components change this." Since the readme quote I bolded leads me to believe SCSII Improved Fiends only alters Ascension Demogorgon's SCRIPTS, does installing Ascension's Tougher Demogorgon before SCSII Improved Fiends change the stats/special abilities/lackeys of Demogorgon? Is the Demogorgon battle identical if... Option A.) No Ascension Demogorgon installed, SCSII Improved Fiends installed Option B.) Ascension Demogorgon installed, SCSII Improved Fiends installed Are option A.) and B.) 100% identical? Right now, it sounds like SCSII Improved Fiends component only overrides the Ascension Demogorgon scripts, and who knows what Ascension has done besides scripts. Also, is the video link to-be-found in the link I posted in the OP the proper SCSII Improved Fiends version of Demogorgon (or is it broken by some other mod as the writer suspected)?
  2. From the SCSII readme: ----- I will most certainly install the SCSII Improved Fiends component, does this mean that... A.) I can install Ascension Tougher Demogorgon, and the SCSII Improved Fiends simply enhances the Ascension Demogorgon AI, meaning I should install both for maximum challenge? B.) SCSII Improved Fiends completely overrides the Ascension Tougher Demogorgon component, in which case, I would be better off not installing it (Ascension version) in the first place? <- (since if I have to pick one or the other, I would pick the SCSII version) I don't want to run into anything like THIS.
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