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  1. Not sure if you mean BWL's forums or GameFAQs right there. Since Grim has been essentially nothing but respectful, rational, and more than willing to explain in great detail his reasons for doing what he did and why, we're treating him much better than we would an author who'd come in foaming at the mouth and lashing out. As for me, I've actually been lurking here for a long time, mainly keeping tabs on the Neeshka romance mod by Domi for NWN2, but it just takes me a while to actually register at new forums and insert myself into the community. While GameFAQs is indeed a huge cesspit of the Internet, the Shadows of Amn board is very civil, provided people don't start losing their minds when talking to us. It's mainly the metagame threads that devolve into a bunch of counter-arguments, but the same could be said of any tabletop-RPG forum after enough time has passed. Sorry about that bit, I tend to ramble a little. I actually love the mod, I just got super distracted for like, half a year at least and now loading up the save I have absolutely no idea what to do, but fumbling around is part of the fun for me. Oh, right, my first post here, nearly forgot: Hey everyone! I'll be sticking around and being more active now that I actually registered!
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