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  1. Update: I killed Gaelan Bayle. All he had was the guid cellar key. I have the latest (2010) install of Alternatives.
  2. Could this key be on Gaelan Bayle? I saw that with another choice (taking Bodhi's side)- would have hunted him down but thought the game was broke so I started a game with a NE 1/2 drow Oozemaster to check it out before realizing (or coming upon?) that bit of info. We'll see!
  3. Trying to finish part one of the Aster quests (good path), but I can't find Haz's key (is that the female mage in the lower left room on the bottom level of the Shadow Thieves' guild?) I've killed everything else on the bottom level, searched over with the tab key pressed to hilight all treasure, doors, etc and clicked on all piles left over, checked my party member's inventories, but no key...
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