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  1. If the Neeshka part is complete, I am going to start a new game just because of that I am sure it will be great, she is such an adorable character. Really wanted to see a romance with her. Keep up the good work, and please keep us informed!
  2. First of all, great mod. This is exactly what I missed from the game the most: more dialogs and interaction with companions. Anyway, my question is: I believe I have the latest version of the mod (v4). I only have the basic flirt dialogs and the wall scene with Neeshka, nothing else. I have seen screenshots added about 3 years ago, here: http://forums.gibber...showtopic=18817 I didn't encounter anything like this. None. I also heard something about a modified Neeshka dialog near the ending when Garius *SPOILER*tortured her, and when you can say that you need her*SPOILER*. I don't have that either. Were they removed/never added in the mod, or is something wrong with my game or my installation of the mod? Also, if you have any update news I would like to know about it Please reply, thank you very much.
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