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  1. Wow! I just got a tingle of excitement about playing BG that I haven't felt in a long time. This project looks great. :p


    We also don't want to assume too much of the Bhaalspawn in the BG saga (we already did a lot by saying they remained a mortal).


    The Bhaalspawn remaining mortal fits in totally with my playing style. I could never bring myself to even explore the ascension ending.

    I was wondering though will there be any assumption made about the Bhaalspawn's gender?





    I for one want to see more plot revelations. Maybe a spoiler tagged thread to reveal the occasional morsel?


    Anyway, good luck!

  2. Well this is very tardy posting on my part as I've been meaning to say for some time how interesting Mr Whitehand appears as a character. He has certainly got quite a different flavour to the BioWare npc's!


    I like the different configuration options available for him, especially the mage build. (See you've already got me planning how to use him in the party! :worship: )


    I'm also a little surprised that he hates Anomen or even Jan but I suppose his reasons will come out in banters/conversation/baleful glares?


    No reactions listed yet regarding Yoshimo, Haer'Dalis or Mazzy. Although it appears that he doesn't like tieflings(Amber) so that might be an indication of his possible response to Haer'Dalis. I would be very interested in Aran's reaction to Yoshimo as I have an unbreakable habit of always seeing his story through to the bitter end.


    Anyway, good luck with the project.

  3. Ow! Please Ma'am, I've done two banters, can I have a sip now?

    Ma'am!? Mistress of Pain sounds so much better! (Joking! - quietly hides cattleprod, whip and thumbscrews)


    Okay. You can have a whole bottle then. I recommend Cooper's Sparkling Ale. It's naturally bottle conditioned which leaves a lovely yeasty sediment. (Makes it pratically count as a meal too! :) )



    Happy Holidays to you and everyone who's still hanging on with me after these years! I might see about a little Kweeznuz spoiler again this year...

    Can I put in a request for one of those Haer'Dalis banters?


    Also, Happy Holidays! May they be safe, fun, relaxing and creatively fruitful.

  4. Proximity to pastry presents is a pernicious problem.

    Heh. :thumbsup:



    Well I'm going to offer the muses beer. Not too much though as it makes the muses silly and they suggest all sorts of crazy things.

    BigRob can have some beer as well but only after 1000 words.

    *whip crack* :thumbsup:

  5. Yay, for progress! :) (hides cattle prod) Good to hear that the computer is fixed and banters continue. I may even need to bring Edwin into the party for once just to see the banters.

    My latest foray into computer upgrading was to scrounge some ram, from another system I have lying around, pop it into my current (although old) system and voila it worked. Double the ram, happy os and no flames in sight! ;) Although I also seem to be currently surrounded by old, non working, pc peripherals, rapidly encroaching my floorspace. (I think a trip to the computer recycling centre is in order. I mean how many keyboards/printers/scanners/connector leads can one person use?! Arrgh! ;) )

  6. Yay to the English release getting closer! :) This mod looks intriguing and I'm very interested in it. I will also put in a vote for a steamy (adult) add on. :)


    I hope I'll remember the names when it comes to beta-testing. :p

    Heh. I'm all up for that. (Somehow I don't think you will need to hunt us down. :) )

  7. Excellent to see the progress, BigRob!! Since it is the insane season, I won't jump up and down about it being Summer already. :D


    Oh yes, many confused and frustrated emotions boiling around will certainly make for a... complicated stand-off. :) It's a distinct possibility too, especially if the player picks up Aklon, Aerie and Anomen fairly close together.


    I started working on this last night, actually, and including that scenario, I've currently got six different ways for Aklon to react to Anomen's little loss of temper.


    Well depending on how laidback Aklon is feeling about the situation, perhaps the PC needs to take Anomen aside for a tumble in the hay...ahh all for the sake of party unity, of course. :p


    (Somehow, though, I don't think Aklon is going to be that laidback! :D )

  8. It's great to see the progress update, BigRob. :) (*Quickly hides cattleprod*)


    I have a new understanding about things that can delay progress. I have just spent the last 4 hours trying to find random series of letters/characters introduced into my J file by my kitten jumping on the keyboard while I was out of the room.


    That kitten sounds really cute. Pity you can't train it to code. :)

  9. As in Aerie trying to charm Aklon, or Aklon beginning to try and charm her? If the former, I hope he can let her down until he's sure the PC isn't interested! But for my party, likely she won't be in it, but I can't help but wonder what their dialogs would be if she were there. And I can see Vicci trying to woo him, as well, even if it is basically for his good looks and...ahem...slave experience!

    He has that, and comes with a free collar too. :blush: Vicci will indeed be giving that a go, but there no real romance there.


    Actually, I think such a banter or banters between Vicci and Aklon would be quite interesting, possibly with other party members commenting, agreeing or perhaps even being protective of Aklon. I imagine that reference to his former slave status would definately strike a raw nerve.

  10. Yep, Minarvia is right, I'm hoping for an initial release near the end of the year. That date will firm up as the writing progresees further and I find out how much coing and testing this thing will need. A little while to go yet, but hopefully I can use the word "soon" soon. :)

    Well, I'm going to start hounding you from about the first Tuesday in December! :)

  11. Part of the slowness in the writing is distraction from the game of Icewind Dale 2 I just finished (Yes, I know, naughty me)

    Ouch, I know that feeling! I've found it extremely difficult to resist Star Wars KOTOR at the moment. I swear my dreams have a Star Wars soundtrack with the occasional sound of blaster fire and duelling lightsabers in the background. ;)


    Back on topic....Excellent news that you are still making steady progress and I love that there will be six Underdark flirts. ;)

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