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  1. Yay! Thank you for all your hard work getting the site back. The pages are loading nice and fast now for me, as well. (I'd had a lot of problems with pages not loading or painfully slow loading and even getting logged out for the last couple of months).
  2. The Dark Knight Rises is last in my preferences with Batman Begins being my favourite. The writing in DKR felt weak at times and it could really have done with tighter editing. I agree it felt too long. Also, I like Christian Bale but he never seems to have any chemistry with leading ladies. Dramatic sequences, especially involving romance don't seem to be his strong suit.
  3. I'm fairly sure that the September the 18th release date is for the windows pc version.
  4. I voted to wait and add them in later. Even though I generally love lots of content, and I can't believe I'm saying this, for ToB I like the less is more approach. ToB is such a battle fest that npc - initiated flirts always seem to happen at odd moments, especially pre or post violent encounters. Your idea about adding some in for the second part of ToB sounds good though.(and I'm a big fan of spontaneous hugs and hand-holding)
  5. Nice banters. It's good to see things are rolling along. Just some typos, /* ToB Banters: Aran > Nalia */ disintegratin' inequities /* ToB Banters: Aran > Sarevok */ "based on deception" (maybe?) /* ToB Banters: Aran > Most Folks : Tell Her */ (Aerie) hear blighted (I think? also this typo comes up in the other instances of this banter with different party members) version with Nalia naive Love all these btw, Jaheira's was particularly poignant.
  6. That's odd. It's the same volume as all her dialogue, but I can tweak it for version 6 if necessary. Actually I found Tarik's (not Tyris) dialogue a bit on the quiet side as well. All Tyris' (Emberwolf's) stuff is fine.
  7. I think whoever took her armour is next on the 'Things to stab today' list.
  8. I've been with this community since its very early days and it has always been friendly and helpful, especially towards newcomers. Your suggestion of arrogance and laziness is untrue and unfair. A number of people have tried to talk with you in this thread and post helpful links and you have behaved dismissively towards them. Personally, I found some of the links posted quite useful and have managed to add a few more definitions to my growing knowledge base. I have also found that when people ask for information on this forum they get help. What is your specific problem? What acronym's are you having trouble with? Are you using mods in your games and/or are you learning how to mod? Perhaps instead of trying to be the champion of newcomers everywhere you could post your specific acronym problems. Anyone doing a search in this forum will find this thread and who knows maybe it will grow into something more permanent and G3 specific. Really? You have never been to RPGcodex then, or the BioWare boards or *shudder* Taleworlds? @theacefes - Thanks a bunch for your link and your great guides. One of these days I'm going to make an npc.
  9. I think it's a great idea.
  10. I'd agree with that. I tend to see Anomen as inexperienced and somewhat changeable with his emotional state. I could easily see him making a rookie relationship mistake by snooping and rationalizing the behaviour.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Thank you for your efforts theacefes. It feels wrong when I can't get a G3 fix.
  12. Happy Birthday, berelinde!!! May you have fun, happiness, good things and peaceful sleep. :)
  13. Something pocketplane specific couldn't be done before. This is where I get really evil and suggest a series of bathing flirts inspired by the healing pools (Although it could also turn into a talk that the place desperately needs doors or even makeshift door curtains).
  14. Yes I'll definitely add to the puddle of drool forming. Big Sean Bean fan here. In no way too old!! (the scruff suits S.B, he looks a bit too evil villain when he's clean shaven.)
  15. "bit" (?) Consistency error here I think. The early parts referred to "sheepskin" I could be wrong but isn't it spelled "otyugh"? You have put "catch the rapier" for the last pc response but just "catch rapier" for the others. Probably needs to be "the rapier" for all of them. "one o' us" "chest" I like your fight sequences, btw. Writing action isn't easy. "something" losin' "Mielikki" extra "with"
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