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  1. Yay, to progress! *Hides Cattleprod* Proffers Anzac Biscuits (since we are in the right month for that).
  2. Yay to a new progress update! *hides cattle prod* Here's to a quieter RL and lots of inspiration for writing Aklon.
  3. Wow! I just got a tingle of excitement about playing BG that I haven't felt in a long time. This project looks great. The Bhaalspawn remaining mortal fits in totally with my playing style. I could never bring myself to even explore the ascension ending. I was wondering though will there be any assumption made about the Bhaalspawn's gender? I for one want to see more plot revelations. Maybe a spoiler tagged thread to reveal the occasional morsel? Anyway, good luck!
  4. Well this is very tardy posting on my part as I've been meaning to say for some time how interesting Mr Whitehand appears as a character. He has certainly got quite a different flavour to the BioWare npc's! I like the different configuration options available for him, especially the mage build. (See you've already got me planning how to use him in the party! ) I'm also a little surprised that he hates Anomen or even Jan but I suppose his reasons will come out in banters/conversation/baleful glares? No reactions listed yet regarding Yoshimo, Haer'Dalis or Mazzy. Although it appears that he doesn't like tieflings(Amber) so that might be an indication of his possible response to Haer'Dalis. I would be very interested in Aran's reaction to Yoshimo as I have an unbreakable habit of always seeing his story through to the bitter end. Anyway, good luck with the project.
  5. Ma'am!? Mistress of Pain sounds so much better! (Joking! - quietly hides cattleprod, whip and thumbscrews) Okay. You can have a whole bottle then. I recommend Cooper's Sparkling Ale. It's naturally bottle conditioned which leaves a lovely yeasty sediment. (Makes it pratically count as a meal too! ) Can I put in a request for one of those Haer'Dalis banters? Also, Happy Holidays! May they be safe, fun, relaxing and creatively fruitful.
  6. Heh. Well I'm going to offer the muses beer. Not too much though as it makes the muses silly and they suggest all sorts of crazy things. BigRob can have some beer as well but only after 1000 words. *whip crack*
  7. Yay, for progress! (hides cattle prod) Good to hear that the computer is fixed and banters continue. I may even need to bring Edwin into the party for once just to see the banters. My latest foray into computer upgrading was to scrounge some ram, from another system I have lying around, pop it into my current (although old) system and voila it worked. Double the ram, happy os and no flames in sight! Although I also seem to be currently surrounded by old, non working, pc peripherals, rapidly encroaching my floorspace. (I think a trip to the computer recycling centre is in order. I mean how many keyboards/printers/scanners/connector leads can one person use?! Arrgh! )
  8. Any chance of another Christmas preview present of a lovetalk/banter....or conflict ? Pretty please!! (*Hides cattle prod and proffers passionfruit sorbet instead....also makes a mental note to halt her habitual alliteration* )
  9. Yay to the English release getting closer! This mod looks intriguing and I'm very interested in it. I will also put in a vote for a steamy (adult) add on. Heh. I'm all up for that. (Somehow I don't think you will need to hunt us down. )
  10. I second that and I hope things are going well.
  11. Yay on the progress! Anomen and Aklon's relationship will be interesting, I think. Okay, no one's to take BigRob out and get him wasted Friday night so he doesn't recover until Monday morning.
  12. Thankyou for the progress report, BigRob. It's good to see that electric shoc...um...tasty treats work wonders.
  13. Any chance of a new progress report? (*Hides cattle prod and produces a plate of tasty anzac biscuits.*) Pretty please?
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