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  1. Alright, did the Gate quest to get the Daystar, and will try again with that and PfMW tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Also, how do you get PfMW before ToB? I looked around and can't find anywhere that it is sold in SoA (and it doesn't seem to be dropped as random loot, according to some other posts I read).
  3. What did you two about the two mages? They regenerate insanely fast, and I don't have enough mages to keep them off their spell protections long enough to kill them.
  4. I'm getting destroyed by Bodhi in Chapter 6 and could use some help understanding how to win this particular battle. I've beaten Firkraag, the Shadow Dragon and Kangaax, but fifteen tries at Bodhi and the best I've done is to get her to her second form, and to kill one of the two vampire wizards. They regenerate insanely quickly! I'm playing an evil party with myself (Fighter dualed to Mage), Imoen, Korgan and Viconia. We have the best equipment available in SoA, and all the spells (up to level 8) that matter. I've tried a variety of sequencers and spell triggers, without any luck. I don't have access to Time Stop or Improved Alacrity yet, and brute force melee using Tensers is a big fail. The "blood drinking" ability from Bodhi eventually kills (or gibs) Korgan, and then we're all dead. Help?!
  5. First, thank you for this mod! I've played through all these games dozens of times, and rarely had so much fun. It's also forced me to finally spend time *thinking* about encounters, which never really used to happen. I've finished BG:EE, and am just getting started with BG2:EE using SCS. So far it has been great, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the D'Arnise Keep. Specifically, the spirit trolls seem completely unbeatable. They are blinking into and out of sight, they are very difficult to hit (even with THACOs in the 2-3 range) and I can't target them with spells (due to their being improved invis, I assume). Even with everyone attacking them with magic weapons, I can't do enough damage to get them below "Barely Injured". Is there a tactic I'm missing here? What do other people use to combat Spirit Trolls?
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