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  1. Sirick

    Angelo revoice.

    I've just started a new playthrough of BG:2 and decided to use the Angleo mod since I haven't done so before. I often find mod NPC portraits and voices distracting as they take me out of the games immersion so I will Photoshop together a replacement portrait and remove the audio files. However this time I thought I might replace the audio files myself. I have decent sound equipment and a background in acting and voice over work, so it won't be too much of a chore. However, I thought perhaps others may be interested in what I toss together. If so, I would be willing to make my work available once it's done. Mostly, I just wanted to request a script for the voiced lines if there is one available, to make things a little easier. Thank you!
  2. Is there anything that can be done for the saved game oh great masters?
  3. Yes and yes. And I am about to send the email now.
  4. After been in the Drow city and doing the odd major plot quest here and there, and after been commended for my rescue of Phaere by herself and then leaving the tavern, Amber comes up to me to talk but nothing happens. The music plays yet no dialogue. Whats worse is she keeps trying over and over. It happens no where but in the city its self, meaning the main outside area. Even when leaving the city or going into say the males fighting society and exiting the problem persists. Help?
  5. Sirick


    Hey, just wanted to say Im watching the progress of this mod with great interest and Im glad I could contribute a little something to an already great mod. You guys are doing fantastic work and I can’t wait for the finished product.
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