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    I added Angelo when in chapter 2 of my current game... went without a hitch.
  2. On topic (Shock! Horror!) I'm a good way into my BG2 + Angelo game now (sahuagin city, albeit with limited sidequests done in chapter 2/3) and I have to say the player initiated dialogue setup is the most pleasing I've seen to date in a mod, or even in any RPG. What I like is that the general options allow for a good few things to talk about initiatlly, the sequential options make it so there's new stuff to talk about when you re-initiate dialogue for quite some time into the game, and the option to ask about your other party members and the current situation prevent the content from standing in a vacuum, anchoring Angelo much more strongly in the plot, integrating him into the party. I also like the player initiated dialogue because it's unintrusive. Some other mods have to mod character interject tons and tons to make the character's presence felt. This feels much more jarring because none of the Bioware NPCs do. Now, none of the Bioware NPCs have player initiated dialogue either, but as it's your choice on when to talk to him it doesn't jar me. Final note: Now I wish someone would make a mod with player initiated dialogue in this style for all the bioware NPCs. :-p
  3. Cheers for the recommendations by the way, Kulyok. I don't like all of them, but Siblings is the coolest story since the Illiad. (How's that for hyperbole? But it -is- a pretty awesome concept, made to work beautifully through some excellent characterisation) The story actually does have a mention of Angelo, and a few of Xan, but I honestly don't care which characters are in a story... much more whether the story works on its own merits. I'm far more likely to read multiple works by the same author across different genres than I'm to read stuff in the same genre by different authors. (which is why I've read very little in the way of BGfanfiction, probably. Time to rectify that.)
  4. That was me. :-D I loved fury period, (except perhaps that disturbing stuff in the Mines... and I'm far from oversensitive.) and I did find it through some link .someone send somewhere... I think on the Bioboards. Might have been you. In which hypothetical case, hypothetical thanks. Hopelessly ever after, you say? *goes check it out*
  5. So, Angelo is it. You sound like a sensible man, not the stuff of legends perhaps, but someone who would rather die peacefully in his old age than perishing heroically saving a princess from a dragon's lair or whatnot. I can respect that. Still, for someone with such a self-avowed dedication to keep his skin from decorating some warlord's bannerpole, you do seem to have an uncanny knack for getting yourself involved with people who attract more trouble than a drunken Orc picking fights at a paladin convention. So the question would be, couldn't someone of your talent and experience find a -safer- occupation somewhere, something that brings in a comfortable level of wealth but brings neither heroes storming the gates nor involves storming said gates yourself? There must be plenty of merchant princes or wealthy nobles who could use and reward your services, especially with your Flaming Fist credentials. (Don't tell me you can't put a positive spin on that whole business) Why still on the road, Angelo?
  6. To interject another male voice: my favourite character by far is Salomeya. Yeah, she's horrible. Yeah, she doesn't care about anyone or anything. Yeah, she spents half her waking hours insulting people. But whenever she talks, I just can't stop laughing. Even when she's being very insulting to my PC. (masochist much?) Plus, it's one of the greatest voice sets ever. Helps a lot. For the rest, Valeero and Prachi get a bit on my nerves... too serious, too... spiritual. (evil word.) I like Jaemal a lot more than I thought I would, I like Rizdaer as much as I thought I would. Nord's good, Hildury isn't very interesting by herself but is a good sidekick for Nord, and I haven't tested the others yet.
  7. Very nice portrait, though I'm not sure the dress she seems to be wearing would be practical for either fighting or trekking through the North.
  8. Fellwood was very good at creating the atmosphere of a haunted wood, but it didn't feel like exploring wilderness to me. Especially seeing all these identical areas felt jarring, otherwordly. Which is what the game intended, of course. I agree the chapter introductions are nice, and add to the atmosphere. But again, they are rather impersonal because of the way the story is set up. And yeah, BG2 too had a few immersion problems. My game of choice will remain Torment, but we've had that discussion already.
  9. Yeah, I forgot to adress that one but it's true that ID2's plot worked a lot better than chase-the-wizard did. BG2 wins out on immersion, characters and gameplay, but the plot in many way is the weakest link. I still like the BG1 plot best, though. The iron throne conspiracy and Sarevok's double bluff are fun and quite subtle, if you disregard the villains incredible sloppiness where their correspondence is concerned.
  10. Yes, but the game also has its weaknesses. Mostly, the gameplay, which consists of endless areas filled with goblins/orcs/priests/undead/whatever to kill. Lots and lots of combat, and most of it fairly similar since most foes use very simple tactics. Though admittedly, BI tried hard to introduce variety with ambushes, kegs of blasting, etc. It can be fun once in a while, but I prefer BG's flavour. The story is not at all bad, and I liked the villains. However, it is rather peripheral to your characters, so I never really got involved. Too... impersonal. It more or less develops in the background whilst you are mostly hacking through yet another batch of Orcs. This was a deliberate choice, I would imagine. After all, the game is a sequel, and I think the developers didn't want to depart much from Icewind Dale 1's formula. It's not for lack of effort... they put in tons of situations where the game reacts to your race, your skills or your ability scores. Testing your mod I was surprised to see quite a few dialogue options with my high intelligence wizard that I never encountered with previous parties. These little touches tend to drown in the combat, though. The gameworld also feels more artificial than in BG. You linearly progress through every single area in the game, and each one is filled with challenges for you to overcome. You never feel like you're really trekking through the wilderness, like in BG. I feel like I've been progressing through a shooting gallery. All in all, I would rate ID2 as technically very good. A well written story, good looking areas, good artwork, good voice acting, great music. (The track outside the Black Raven monastery has to be my favourite. But there's not enough of it.) A lot of attention to detail, and quite a good atmosphere. But nowhere is the game inspired. Nowhere does it make me really care about what's happening, at no time do I really become drawn into the world of Icewind Dale. It becomes an exercise in tactical combat instead. Which is well and good from time to time, but does not make for a great game. Still, Icewind Dale is tons better than the sorry excuse for a story that came in the Neverwinter Nights box, for example. I agree it does not deserve scorn. But neither can I bring myself to love it, like I do Planescape Torment and KotOR 2 both.
  11. Or, simply turn down the difficulty setting if you're having a hard time. Seriously, adjusting the difficulty of the encounters in ID2 isn't the aim of the mod, and I bet it won't happen. There are other mods that make the game slightly easier. For example, ease of use.
  12. Click Here. It's Inonzur.com, surprisingly.
  13. Regarding Nord's stats... I do not believe there's such a big difference between 18 strength 8 intelligence and 16 strength 10 intelligence where gameplay is concerned. It's only +1 to hit and +1 to damage less. Which, in the early game, mostly translates as +1 to hit less as you kill most foes in a single blow. In my last party, I only had one character with 16 strength (a paladin, incidentally) and 2 with 14. (a cleric and a fighter-rogue.) They did fine. I agree with Berelinde. Success in ID2 does not depend on having godly stats, but on having a battle plan. (and on scouting ahead a lot to spring all the damn ambushes.) If you just charge in, not even godly stats are going to save you. But whilst the game is tough, it's not THAT tough. You can even solo it with a sorcerer if you want to. As for branching dialogue depending on stats: I liked it in Fallout and Torment, but you're right it probably is a lot of work, won't be noticed by a lot of people, and is rather arbitrary.
  14. Uh, well, you could always recycle some of the old Icewind Dale music. Some rather excellent pieces there. I've taken a look at Inon Zur's webpage. There are quite a few music tracks publicly available there. Parts of the tracks he did for Prince of Persia are fairly arabic in theme, as you would expect, but they're mostly battle oriented.
  15. Regarding the NPC stats, by the way, I don't think making sir Nord just as strong and just as dumb as Hildury a good idea. An intelligence 8 paladin with a high diplomacy skill? Sorry, but I don't believe some that dumb would make a good diplomat or paladin. Prachi might have some justification for having intelligence 8 in her background, but where sir Nord is concerned I liked his old stats better. Perhaps lower wisdom in exchange for higher strength, if need be, but not this much of a change.
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