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  1. Ah, OK got it. Thanks for your quick reply! Add me to the list of people who want compatibility for the original NPCs - not bothered about the new EE ones.
  2. I've been trying to install this mod, and so far it has only partially worked. First of all, some info: Mod version: 1.7 (the latest OS X version) Installing on the latest version of BG2EE, running on OS X 10.11, using Mac WeidU Launcher to install. The problem: I get the following message: Skipping GROUP [baldur's Gate II NPCs] because it fails its requirements. Followed by this for a bunch of components: SKIPPING: [Component Name] You must install the main component before any others. Please exit and begin again. If anyone has advice on how I can fix this & install successfully, I'd really appreciate it!
  3. OK, I`ll do the recordings over the next couple of days, and mail them to you. Cheers Ben
  4. I`ve never done voice acting before, but if you want a Brit accent, I`m game.
  5. I`ve got Deheriana & Kivan in my party, currently about half-way through Watcher`s Keep, and I do like the voice-acting for the Deheriana character. I was wondering - what language is she speaking? I guess its supposed to be Elvish, but it sounds kind of like Italian (in the intonation etc, not actual words). Also, where did the voice-acting come from? Is that you, Domi?
  6. Hi Domi Thanks for your reply; I`ll try as you suggested. Meanwhile, I left the group standing around for about 2 hours (real time) doing nothing, and there have been no banters from anyone. Update: I tried the codes in your post above; it worked! I got the `happy banter`. Thanks a lot.
  7. Update: OK, I found out why I couldn`t input the # symbol - I was using the UK keyboard mapping; after I changed to the US key-mapping, it worked. But still no joy with Ctrl-I; I`ve left my party standing around in Demin`s house (with Deheriana), waiting for the latter to say something. How long should it take?
  8. Thanks for your reply, Domi. However, I have a couple of problems still: For some reason, the # mark doesn't appear when I type it in the CLUAConsole (Mac OS X version of BG2). So I end up typing this: SetGlobal("PDeherianaLives","GLOBAL",4) Will this work? CLUAConsole seems to accept it. Also, do you know what is the Mac keyboard equivalent of Ctrl+I? Nothing I've tried seems to work - I end up getting the Inventory, or nothing. Sorry to trouble you, but I'm stuck, and I'd really like to continue playing with your mod. Thanks! Ben Edit: Using SetGlobal("PDeherianaLives","GLOBAL",4) doesn't work.
  9. I`ve reached Demin, who has raised Deheriana on request. So far, so good. But soon after this, Deheriana remains silent, and Kivan starts romancing Aerie! (I get the Kivan-initiated dialogues with Aerie about limping/blisters, and then a broken mirror). Kivan then gives a jasmine flower to Deheriana, who expires shortly thereafter. What gives? I`m running the latest version of Mac BG2 + ToB, with V5 of the mod. HELP!
  10. Thanks for your reply. Aarrgh! It looks like I`m going to have to go back to my previous save. This is not good news.
  11. My party has just emerged from the Spellhold dungeon, and I was all set to go & speak to Aphril to get the Kivan story going. BUT........ It seems I can`t speak to her now! By killing the jailor (Lok?), all the asylum prisoners get automatically released, and there`s no opportunity to speak to Aphril before battle with Irenicus starts. Should I have chatted with Aphril before heading to the dungeon (i.e. during Irenicus` guided tour of the asylum)? If so, then I`m a bit stuck. Luckily, I have a saved game on one of my backup drives, but in that save the party is in the Windspear Hills, so I will have lost a lot of gaming time. Or is there any other way to initiate the chat with Aphril, after finishing Spellhold dungeon?