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  1. Ever had one of those moments when you feel completely stupid? No really, I didn't know about InPartyAllowDead. That makes it easy now. Thanks.
  2. This almost works, except when the character dies, and later is removed from the party. She's gone, but didn't die from any of the horrible deaths.
  3. I have two dependent NPCs which must always be together. If one dies, the other leaves the party. The problem is, I only want that to happen when one of the two NPCs cannot be raised by normal means; ie: they're gone. I tried the logical thing: IF Dead("SoS_Illiana") !InParty("SoS_Illiana") THEN //... And that didn't work. Whether she was dead or gone, the result was the same. I've tried a few other combinations, including StateCheck(STATE_DEAD), HPLT(0), and Exists(), and so far nothing works. Is there a way to determine whether or not an NPC is dead or gone, or is it all the same to the IE? Thanks!
  4. Yep, that fixed it. I didn't know that CutSceneId required the death variable, and I was giving it the creature file name. Thanks!
  5. Forward slashes are used in Linux, backslashes in DOS. ie: firk1\firkhorn.itm, not firk1/firkhorn.itm And yes, it really does matter.
  6. I'm currently designing and scripting a mod for Baldur's Gate II, and I'm running into a snag. I'd like to add a cutscene to the game from the middle of a dialogue, and it keeps locking up. This is the code I'm using: // from SoS_Arrick.d IF ~~ THEN BEGIN TrademeetMeeting07 SAY ~Thank you, my <LADYLORD>! Please, follow me.~ /* [S_ARRI08] */ IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("SoS_ArrickAgree","GLOBAL",1) StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("SOSCUT01")~ EXIT END // SOSCUT01.baf IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId("S_ARRICK") HideGUI() ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"This is the part where I take you to a secret meeting place.")) Wait(3) ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"And tell you of my problems.")) Wait(2) ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"But I can't because the designer hasn't made the areas yet.")) Wait(4) ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"So I guess I'm done for now.")) Wait(2) UnhideGUI() EndCutSceneMode() END The GUI disappears, and the game just sits there. Even if I comment everything out except for EndCutSceneMode(), it just hangs. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any assistance/mockery.
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