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  1. Thanks. I finally skip all of them except True sight as you said. All others are covered by SR. I wasn't sure for "More consistent Breach" and "Anti-magic bypasses Imp.Invis" but you confirmed it As for tra, good catch, I didn't think of it !
  2. Readme file is still not updated in v4beta. I assume it will be done last, just before release. But because the v4 detailed changes thread is not really updated with the current version, the only way to see (detailed) changes is to look with NI or in-game. I am still in the install process, trying to check compatibility with SCS spell changes and it is not easy without a proper document (ie: to decide what SCS spell components I want to install). I will now check with NI
  3. Bards are in the same boat, aren't they? I have almost never played one, so I can't tell. I'm still not convinced by EE. I'm pretty sure BGT + mods is more stable with less bugs overall. And yes, stores are not the only problem but they still contribute. BG1 has too many +1 items and I like mods that convert into fine weapons (SCS for example). All these +1 items can be sold for good amount of gold and then, you can buy a lot of stuff from stores. I guess that a mix of several things could bring more balance: - less items in the open world - limited supplies in store - higher price for
  4. I will look at it but currently, from memory, I had a lot of ideas concerning stores in BG1. So many cheap or overpowered items that make the game to easy. To name a few: arrows of detonation/dispelling, wand of monster summoning.... I need some time to re-acquire this game I left away for several years now But clearly, Iron crisis is totally ignored by many stores! Especailly, sorcerous sundries (each game my party first reached it, I was thinking: "ok, from now, it will be a lot easier", considering I was playing no reload) And from my point of view, no store should have unlimited sup
  5. Hi Demivrgvs, I am very interested in all revisions (items, spells, and kits). Could you possibly send me downloads link please? I want to test them in my ongoing installation based on BGT. I want to test SR with SCS and make sure all spells are used in the best ways possible by AI. As for items, it's the first version that can be installed in BG1.
  6. Most players know rules and spells. Just don't abuse engine flaws. Don't control a charmed person. Don't try to get it killed or attack it. Mimic AI:ignore it. This is what I do...
  7. Very interestng mod, I will test it and most likely add it to my favorite mod list Keep it up !
  8. Here is the link : http://www.shsforums...tackreevaluate/ I will test again these summons. I just have to make sure they roll a dice on each attack, if not, it is that known bug related to attacks.
  9. They are certainly not, and even without ogre-mage. My test was simple: a few unprotected mage (AC between 6 and 10), doing nothing (moving a bit at best). An enemy cast 2 shadows spells and stop casting. There were 4 shadows attacking my casters. Yet, they standed for about 3 minutes, not worrying about these weak shadows that seemed to have very hard time to hit their target. I can assure you that ogres don't have this problem, although I haven't tested it recently. Maybe it has something to do with known AttackOneRound or AttackReevaluate bug, I don't know. Whatever it is, summon
  10. I was mostly referring to cast spells on summons. So it concerned casters which are generally intelligent. For Skeleton Warrior, it is very resilient but offensively, it is rather weak. And players use it because it is resilient: summon one and send him to absorb all hits & spells, then enter battle. Intelligent casters shoudn't waste spells on summons, and even less on skeleton warriors. Now, level 7 summons are generally quite strong offensively and it is a good thing. As far as I am concerned, I would choose offense over defense. For Wyverns, you should replace it by monster
  11. You aren't quite right. There are few things as annoying as watching AI to ignore a summon and keep hitting the caster. Why else would one use a summon if not to distract the enemy and give oneself more breathing room? So, you are telling me that your party will get distracted by enemies' summons ? You are attacking a mage, he cast some summons and suddenly, you got distracted and give him some room by targetting his summons? If the answer is yes for you, it will certainly be no for most players. Otherwise, you would suggest to make AI dumb and get distracted by summons while players ar
  12. I have already said it but to me, this spell is very weak in BG1. Shadows have very bad thac0, very low damage (with about 1 apr). I think pretty much all other summon spells are better : spider spawn, monster summoning 1 or 2. Now I haven't tested it with wraith so I can't tell later on. Tanking is pointless as enemies shoudn't focus summons, or at least, not that much. When an enemy mage summon creatures, I'll focus him with all I have to bring him down. AI scripts should act like this and not waste spells on summons. For attack, it is a bit more tedious as scripting engine is rather
  13. I use it on some necromancers, it is efficient on fighter. Despair is overall better, but Contagion also slows its target, which is a good point. -2 penalty is still good to have and keep in mind that SR also add many penalties to other spells. It would be too much with -4 to this one. It is a good one. Some of my conjurers use it but they need to cast immunity to evocation because minor globe won't work here. In bg1 (where I'm working on), minor globe covers most needs of spell protection, and it is a pain to have to cast immunity to evocation just for a few spells. But Davaeorn u
  14. I like these changes a lot. This would make a use for casters that like to summon weapon (was thinking of black blade of disaster for example)
  15. You got a point here. Improved haste is very efficient a on group with many fighters that dual wield. I don't know current duration of Improved haste but maybe 1 round / 3 level would be do it. It would be : 4 round at level 12 up to 6 round at level 18 I think about it this way; level 13+ fighters probably have 3.5 apr (with 2 weapon fighting), assuming you have 3 such fighters in your party (or equivalent) that's 10.5 apr in total (okay, your cleric and thief can contribute in melee, but maybe you only have 2 fighters, or not all of them are using 2 weapon style, so let's assume i
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