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  1. Thanks and feel free to amend anything you see from my post anyone. It's just what worked for me. As far as chitin.key goes....hell i don't know why i did not have one. I kept getting the no chitin.key error upon installing the fixpack. Heck maybe ive missed a step somewhere that creats the chitin.key. All I can say is that everything works now that i have one.
  2. I am certainly no authority on the right way to do things. All I can say is it works smoothe with no problems. I believe that the game was properly installed. There is no hard copy of the game. It is a download from GOG. Never could find chitin.key after install and playing the game. Later when I wanted to mod it I had to go find chitin.key in a torrent. If you look on this board and on the web other linux users have had the same problem.
  3. This post is for Noobs like myself. I just thought id share how after 3 days I was able to install the bg2fixpack after many fails. It was actually not that hard. The installation notes in gibberlings readme file give an "idea" of what needs to be done but are in need of explanation. Also reading and rereading the error lines in the terminal gave hints to missing data. Here goes: First install BG2 properly. (just thought Id say) Download WeiDU-Linux-237.zip for linux which at time of this posting Jan 9 2015 will be version 237. Download lin-bg2fixpack-v10.tar.gz (the fixpack for BG2 linux) Move those zips/tars to the "correct" Baldur's Gate 2 directory. Mine goes: /home/downloads/BG2Linux/Baldurs Gate 2/prefix/drive_c/GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 You want that last BG2 directory. Extract both the archives into that directory. I use engrampa 1.6.0 (archive manager) to extract others like to open up the terminal and type the command. You will now have a weidu-linux folder. Go into /weidu-linux/bin folder and choose iether amd64 or i386. i386 worked for me. Move the tolower, weidu, weinstall files to .../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory. Then open your terminal from system tools. Type sudo caja then enter (my file management system is caja). Caja will open with superuser privileges. Navigate to /usr/bin select the 3 files above tolower, weidu, weinstall and drag(which will copy) them into the /usr/bin close the superuser caja Now in the .../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2/bg2fixpack directory copy the 2 lone files namely: readme-bg2fixpack.html and setup-bg2fixpack.tp2 and paste them into the .../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory. HARDEST PART (or if you have chitin.key in the "correct" afore metioned directory, use that and disregard "HARDEST PART") Your going to need a file called chitin.key. It did not come in my GOG BG2 linux download. I had to get it from a BG2EE iso torrent download called Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.tar.gz Copy and paste the chitin.key from this into .../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory. After downloading the tar ball again (since I had deleted it) and checking the files. Indeed as others have said the chitin.key file is there. In my confusion and late nights to get the mod working i must have moved/deleted the original chitin.key. Anyway use the one that comes with the game you are moding (although Ive had no problems as of yet). Next run tolower in ../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory and all its sub directories. Basically you are lower casing everything. Gibberlings mod directories come lowercased. I had to manually go into all the main directories within ../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory. Using caja or your favorite file manager simply be in the desired directory (starting in ../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory) and right click and select open within terminal. Then type: tolower select y for both questions from here on out select y the n Then go into every other main directory within the ../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory and do the same. Just by glancing at the files you should notice that every file is now lowercase and subdirectories seem to get lowercased also. Then finally you can go back to the ../GOG Games/Baldur's Gate 2 directory and open in terminal. Type: weinstall setup-bg2fixpack.tp2 enter and the install should begin.
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