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  1. I don't think there is any incompatibility between BGT music and BG1NPC I think. BG1NPC calls songs from script, not through the songlist, doesn't it? However, I do can report the bug you mention here in BGT as well - background music does not shut up when BG1NPC music plays.
  2. Yes, it is all nice and acceptable, unless done to you, eh? Well, sure it is extremely unpleasant - but from a more detached perspective: Who is the one to blame - the rival who pursued his chances when offered to him, or the lover who was offering the rival his chances despite already having a relationship with you? 'Cause that is what the discussion is all about isn't it? - the PC consciously encouring Anomen to continue with his compliments despite her commitment to Ajantis/Gavin/... If you feel love for a woman, and she seems willing to respond to your advances (committed to someone else or not) - I think very few man (either in RL or a fantasy setting) will back away - and honestly I don't even consider this a moral dilemma (at least not on the man's part) unless we are talking about the woman of someone close to you. It is more a matter of self-esteem ("I have more to offer to that woman than her lover") than morals, IMO. And since many consider Anoman an arrogant and pompous character I see nothing out-of-character there. To get back to the current topic of the discussion: It might be that in a fantasy setting someone with the potential status of a god might be willing to find several (wo)men who are willing to romance him, despite the lover's active romances with other (wo)men - but honestly I think that is rather irrelevant - since I can't see any of the available characters be happy with that. Jaheira or Viconia are far too dominant, head-strong and self-conscious for that, Aerie is not content with anything less than Charname's undivided attention and care. Anomen is far too self-centered to allow anything like that too. I can't remember any romance mod where such a thing seemed realistic either.
  3. I think it's strange this entire discussion almost exclusively revolves around Anomen's intentions, character or morality. Crucial of course, but should this discussion not focus more on Charname's character - she is after all the one who has the committed relationship, not Anomen. But Charname can have 9 different alignments, and a myriad of different personalities or views on life or morality. Imagine start SO2, Copper Coronet, Charname just escaped Irenicus' dungeon; she hasn't found Ajantis or Ajantis hasn't found her yet. Anomen sees a woman he is attracted to and hence goes... "Fair lady..." What does he know she is engaged (ok, she is wearing a ring but what does that mean?). Why should Charname go all berserk on him for just that - isn't it a nice compliment expressed in a gallant way? In the company he continues his attentions - ok, a wise woman should immedeately recognize where this is going - but Charname might not have too high a Wisdom score. When she notices (soon or later), she might still not tell him off immedeality (Ajantis requires his lovers to be good, not lawful). Bref, I am hugely in favor of Jastey's and Berelinde's position - do not cut off all possible romances right from the start - just for Roleplaying's sake - although it would be by far the easiest solution. From Anomen's perspective - I don't it is beneath him to pursue an already engaged woman - although the rival being a member of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart makes it rather tricky. Lets go back to our Copper Coronet scene - he did nothing wrong there - if a few talks later he discovers Charname is already engaged but she does nothing to stop his remarks and compliments or even seems to like them - why not continue? A crucial turning point would be where Ajantis reappears - does she rush at him and throw herself sobbing in his arms - that would surely be the end from his side - or does she greet him rather neutral, throwing a hesitant look over her shoulder in Anomen's direction while embracing him? - things would surely be different. I am sure you get the picture. In the end, if she gives in or adopts a rather double-hearted stance, who is the jerk or the cheater here? Not Anomen IMO. Besides is it such a vile act to express attraction for an engaged woman? - or even try to crawl inside her heart? Interesting woman always tend to have a partner One could at least try to bring her up to a point where you force to make a choice between her lover or you. I see little evil there - unless we are talking about a friend's, relative's or other close comrade's lover.
  4. I don't think the dex bonus and str penalty is actually necessary - +3 is far too much IMO - I could live with a +1 but I don't think that's necessary - Bioware did (almost?) never use such bonusses, with good reason. I don't know about the 50+ chances of counterattack at the very high levels - that should be playtested but it might prove far too powerful.
  5. Seems pretty balanced, hence interesting - I would be very curious though how you'd go about coding the dodge or counterstrike thing. That won't be simple, but if you can manage it I would surely be interested in how you did it.
  6. Tutu actually replaces the entire BG2 with BG1 - in other words it makes BG1 playable in the BG2 engine but removes the BG2 content. Thus if you are looking for a modded BG2, you won't need Tutu at all. More importantly, if you add BG2 mods to Tutu or Tutu mods to non-tutu BG2 things will get completely screwed up. If I understand correctly - you want to play the BG2 quests with some NPCs, quests,... added - you don't need Tutu at all.
  7. Since SHS is back up now, you might have checked yourself but: It looks like BG2Tweaks is not listed - weird- or I am getting too tired and too blind... although it is mentioned several times here: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=19539 My guess, based upon above link, compatible but do not install shorter chapter 1 & 2 cutscenes.
  8. Might be that this is an engine thing - never had it happen to me though. I wonder what causes this to happen 8/10 - this shouldn't happen. Have you installed the latest official patches for both BG1 and BG2 (either SOA or TOB) before installing Tutu?
  9. I don't know what exactly you are looking for, but this topic over at SHS has some info if you want to create a 'mega-install': http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=22224 In general, if you don't want to use any of the 'big' mods listed there (BP,BGT,TDD,SOS,CTB,NEJ) - this will be your basic order: - first the BG2_fixpack - second all other mods you want to install (NPCs, small quests,...) - lastly BG2_tweaks For them to work properly: - make sure all your mods are Weidu (but most of them should be these days) - generally any mod which has a status: completed, should work properly apart of an occasional bug here or there. Best to check known issues posts in the forums or readmes of the mods you are interested in - and see if you can live with those. - I wouldn't recommend installing Betas or Alphas if you haven't some serious knowledge of IE modding and bugfixing. - check the compatibilty part of each readme before you install! Installing two incompatible mods won't do much good.
  10. Long term alcoholics won't suffer that much physically, until the liver says bye bye, that is. But what I noticed with people with bad drinking habits is that their personality starts to change, not in a pleasant way, becoming less and less emphatic, less open to others, more self-absorbed, a pleasant sense of humour catching on an extremely cynical twist,... So I would think the Charisma and Wisdom should suffer the most.
  11. I know the Art of Weaving adds a new sorceror kit - and they did run into the same problem as you with the kit-description. I think they 'solved' that by making the sorceror description contain the description of the general sorceror + the description of their new kit. Far from ideal, of course, but maybe inevitable. I am wondering though if one can change a kit description through a spell applied at first level? But I am no expert on kit-coding at all.
  12. I agree with the posters above, this sounds really promising. I wish you much luck with it.
  13. Yep, easy enough - the trick is to not add your kit to any K_X_X file. For example, from the morituri tp2: BACKUP ~morituri/backup~ AUTHOR "Aroc (Ioannis Mantzouranis, aroc@otenet.gr)" BEGIN "Morituri Kit version 3" ADD_KIT ~morituri~ ... /* this is the name of your abilities 2DA file, in the style of * clabrn02.2da */ ~morituri/morituri.2da~ /* These are the 2da files listed in KITTABLE.2DA that you want your kit to * be a part of. List as many as you like. */ ~K_f_H ~ /* This is the "unusable" value you want for you kit and also the class * value. These would normally appear at the end of KITLIST.2DA */ ~0x00008006   2~ ...~ The KITTABLE.2DA part which states K_F_H will add the kit to be selectable for a human fighter at startup. Example from the Chloe tp2: ADD_KIT ~YRKENSAI~ /* this is the "internal" name of your kit, like          * BERSERKER or LATHANDER */ ... /* this is the name of your abilities 2DA file, in the style of * clabrn02.2da */ ~Chloe/YRKENSAI.2da~ /* These are the 2da files listed in KITTABLE.2DA that you want your kit to * be a part of. List as many as you like. */ ~~ /* This is the "unusable" value you want for you kit and also the class * value. These would normally appear at the end of KITLIST.2DA */ ~0x00000004   2~ ... As you can see the part between the two ~ has been left empty here in the KITTABLE.2DA block - thus no K_X_X files will get updated and the kit won't be selectable at startup by the player but can be attributed to an NPC.
  14. Thauron

    Nostalgia Mod

    Please note that some of the NPCs you mention have already been released as BG2 NPCs or are being worked on (Shar-teel, Alora, Xan, Ajantis, Kivan - I thought that Nightmare (or was it Vlad?) had plans for Branwen) - since creating one NPC is a whole lot of work, it would maybe be better if you pick one BG1 NPC which as of now is not yet worked upon. There should be a nice thread about all BG1 NPCs that are being worked upon for BG2, lingering around this forum - first post by Nightmare, if that makes looking up things easier.
  15. Actually, might it not be fitting that, if this creature takes so much damage that he dies a chunked death, that it is unable to cast the spell he is supposed to cast when dying a 'normal' death? And, as Avenger said, I don't think it is very difficult to disable chunking death for your creature.
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