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    Sarah 4 troubles and uncle quest

    Hey there. I've got the latest version of Sarah installed both with Auren, Imoen etc, but this doesn't seems to be an issue. Here are the variables: K#BANTERO 16 K#FRIENDSHIP 5 K#SAERIEBANTER 2 K#SARAHDEAD 2 K#SARAHFRIENDSHIPACTIVE 3 K#SARAHPRETALK 7 K#SARAHROMANCEACTIVE 2 K#SARAHTALKFRIEND 7 K#SARAHTALKROMANCE 19 K#SARAHTIMERFRIEND 10750953 K#SARAHTIMERPRE 10630180 K#SARAHTIMERROMANCE 11042493 K#SIMOENBANTER 1 K#SJAHEIRABANTER 2 K#SVICBANTER 1 So i pretty much beat the game and in chapter 6 take Sarah in my party(cause previosly i was playing version 3, and in version 4 it's harder to find her, i've thought that something doesn't work right before i finally founded her Everything was fine, i steel can flirt with her, i've gone to the Wather's Keep(SoA), in dungeon there was some lovetalks(rather often after a hard battles) that stopped after one about how she was huntind a deep and met a bear xD And after this nothing, i was waiting, sleeping in inn, in the forest, trying to talk to her. I stillll can flirt with her through the forced dialog but nothing else happens. 1 time while flirting somehow i've got her saying that if i don't want to help her uncle than she need to leave, and than leaves Oo... Of course uncle quest wasn't starting and nothing like this. She doesn't lovetalk to me. There is no her uncle in the inn at Promenad district. What am i doing wrong? Is there any console command to jump to the next lovetalk or something like that? Please, help me Oh yes, and she was killed and resurrected in Watcher's Keep something about 4 times