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  1. Question, if I want to make an item upgradeable, but I do not wish to use Cromwell or Cespenar to do the upgrade, is this right?










    My guess is the part for the upgrade is wrong, also can anyone help me with the code for the merchant is bieng attacked, is not working either.

    Thank you in advance for any help,






    EDIT: As Miloch mention, this issue is taking care of.

  2. ok, I have a question on the last one, the one about die(), I was in another forum and they told me this:


    It won't work. Let me explain why: Any script is made of several blocks. Each block starts with an IF and finishes with an END. The game's program checks them one after another. If you use your suggested block containing the "Die()" code, at the time the creature dies, if the program is accidentally checking this particular block, then you are lucky and the program will detect the "Die()" condition and will trigger your actions in that block; but if the program is checking one of the other blocks, when the elemental dies, the program will stop checking other blocks. The more blocks you have in your script, the less chance you have for program to be checking that particular block at the time your creature dies.


    Hence, if you test the script in practice, one time out of many it may accidentally work but it won't always work.


    Therefore, you can't really write a script for when the creature dies and be certain that it will work unless you have only one single block in your script.


    So, is this true?, is there really a chnge that it may not happen??

  3. So, I have this idea about a script for a custom item that I make, is a figurine that will summon a Gr. air elemental. I have never done a script, so I do not even know where to start.


    Anyway, what I am looking for is to do three things:


    1. As soon as it is summon, it will cast "mass cure" on the party.


    2. It will attack the closest enemy.

    2a. if there is 6 enemies within range the elemental will cast "Storm of Vengeance" and then wait for 4 rounds, in the mean time he will go back to attack the closest enemy, if after the 4 rounds there still 6 enemies he will cast the Storm again...wash and repeat.


    3. If the elemental is kill, it will cast "Shield of archons" on player 1 and the will display a text in top of him.


    So, it is possible. Can anyone help me?


    Thank you in advance!

  4. Ok, so that out of the question, what I will do is just not be able to spend any point on sword and shield style, I guess as a deterrent.


    Now, to my second question, is there any type of increment that I could do, call it better THAC0, + (#) to hit or + (#) damage, additional attacks but only when using two weapon style?

  5. So, as the title says, it is the first time I try to make a new kit mod. I have read CamDawg's guide, but I’m somewhat lost :down:


    So the first question is that this will be a fighter kit, and I wanted to have immunity to fear and be able to cast fear once per day per level as an innate ability, so how do I do that?


    For now I will leave it at that and come back if I have more question (which I’ll definitely have)


    Thanks’ in advance for the help



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