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  1. Thanks for your help ! 2.0 get me totally lost -_-
  2. I'm trying clean reinstall, because no matter what I can't seem to access the console (despite the help found online on that topic.) My version is french, and I used an unofficial patch that correct the "placeholder" replacing many words in the 2.0 version of BG:EE (french), so who know if it didn't screw something... Thanks for the help !
  3. Thanks I'm gonna have a look at that ! I think I only have mod "Isra" companion still installed aside of Gavin. If I remove Isra I still have the bug. I will check the console thing.
  4. Once in Gavin's village, I agree to go with him visit his parents, but once I force the door of the house next to the lake open, it's empty, and nothing ever happens. I didn't make the bandits quest yet, could it come from that ? Thanks for reading !
  5. Thanks, I started again and it finally worked.
  6. Greetings, I'm playing BG:EE on Steam and use Gavin mod. Until now eveything was fine, but yesterday they was an update of the game for the release of Siege of DragonSpear,and now Gavin has no portrait, he's called "invalid 34053" and all he says is "invalid", well you get the idea. Anyone with this problem ? Anyone with an idea ? (Ps: I'm using game with text in french and french translation of Gavin.)
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