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Heroes, Thieves and Moneylenders v4.3

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About This File

Heroes, Thieves and Moneylenders adds new quests, episodes and characters, several new areas, additional banters and interjections for NPCs from the main game and from some other mods.

What's New in Version v4.3   See changelog


  • added alternative phrases to the dialog with the Jackal, including for the PC - half-orc (component 2)
  • fixed script errors when doing Paris's quest (component 1)
  • fixed minor dialog bugs (component 1)
  • improved the code of Minsc and Jaheira's dialogues about rain (component 1)
  • fixed minor bugs when completing the quest "Mysterious Stranger" (component 3)
  • added missing log entries for the quest "Beshaba's Curse", fixed minor code errors in dialogs (component 3)

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