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  1. Hello! Our tester reports that there is a native compatibility issue with this mod. If the mod is installed AFTER EET, then a bug occurs with Imoen: if it is excluded from the party, it will not join back (re-joining does not work). And if the mod is installed before EET (on BG1), then everything is OK.
  2. Hello! p_zombie from the Arcanecoast forum translated this mod into Russian, and also fixed several bugs that it found. Here is a link to the result of the work: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oaue1lebpmx5y04/IWD2_NPC_V5-RUS-v10-1.OrigSound.zip/file Please update the mod officially! List of fixes:
  3. If that helps, here's the entire problem file. It does not compile for me on the old (no-EE) version of the game, the installation was interrupted with an error. The same problem was with other files, where there was a condition IF_FILE_EXISTS ANspellh.d
  4. I never found the cause of the problem, but I managed to solve it! The method suggested by tipun from our Russian forum. Problematic lines in d-files are replaced with variables, for example: INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS3 VALYGAR 43 ANallvalyg43 == EDWINJ IF ~ InParty ("Edwin") InMyArea ("Edwin")! Dead ("Edwin")! StateCheck ("Edwin", CD_STATE_NOTVALID) ~ THEN @ 24 == KORGANJ IF ~ InParty ("Korgan") InMyArea ("Korgan")! Dead ("Korgan")! StateCheck ("Korgan", CD_STATE_NOTVALID) ~ THEN @ 25 % dlg_string11% END And the code added to the tp2-file before compiling the problematic d-files: OU
  5. Hello! When creating my mod, I have a problem installing on a vanilla (non-EE) version. Error text: ERROR: processing .D actions [NPC_Interjections/dlg/ANspellh.d]: Failure("hd") Stopping installation because of error. The reason for the error is in these lines (excerpt) INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS3 PPTIAX 1 ANALLtiax1 == IF_FILE_EXISTS RASAADJ IF ~InParty("Rasaad") InMyArea("Rasaad") !Dead("Rasaad") !StateCheck("Rasaad",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("ANRasaadTiax","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN @777 DO ~SetGlobal("ANRasaadTiax","GLOBAL",1)~ == PPTIAX IF ~InParty("Rasaad") InMyArea("Rasaad") !Dead("Rasaad"
  6. Translation into Russian is ready! Translated by yota13, proofread by Austin friendlysil.tra
  7. I once again updated the archive with the mod and changed the version to 1.8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx6pketmg09igwa/Saradas%20Magic%202%20%281.8%29.rar?dl=0 Added compatibility with "vanilla" (non-EE) version of the game. All changes are indicated in the changelog in the readme file
  8. Done, here is the updated version 1.7 with added EET-compatibility and fixes. I also returned the readme file to the archive (it was in previous versions, but for some reason it was removed in version 1.7), and added a detailed changelog in this version to it! Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9gxzrs0qz8ijsv/Saradas Magic 2 (1.7 %2B EET%2Btraify).rar?dl=0
  9. OK! By the way, I see that the !Stun.eff file has been added, but TP2 version 1.7 does not provide for copying it to the override folder. In this case, it just wasn't used. I will add this
  10. Many thanks! I'll add this to my adaptation a little later to accommodate the changes!
  11. No, I used the version that is in this thread (1.6). I didn't know what 1.7 is. But now I compared them and I do not see what exactly changed in version 1.7 - nothing is said about this in the changelog, and at the first examination I do not see the difference.
  12. I added the EET compatibility to this mod (adapted the chapter variables and added the EET_TRANSITION function). Also, the mod is completely tra-ified, the file structure is put in order (now everything is not in one folder, but is divided into subfolders), iconv is added. Link (UPDATED) Please update it officially, if possible!
  13. Hello! The version available at the link contains the final texts, can we translate the mod into Russian? Or will the texts change in the future and we'd better wait?
  14. Hello! By the way, I noticed that the NPCs from the mod have banters with all the NPCs in the game, except for one - the smart bear Wilson. Maybe you will consider writing one or two dialogs for him too? As an example, you can take dialogs with him from Lava's "Wilson Chronicles" mod, which also adds dialogs to him, but with the CHARNAME. It seems to me that Minyae would definitely not have kept silent, seeing that the CHARNAME was traveling and talking with the bear
  15. Hello! When translating, there will be a problem with the cases.tra file - the lines from it will be added to the tokentxt.2da file, and it has ascii encoding, not utf-8. If we translate them, the game will crash. Is there no way to fix this problem? It is necessary to replace the use of strings in tokentxt.2da with the use of references to strings. If not, then these lines will remain without translation (
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