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  1. Many thanks! I'll try to check this thread, okay! As for the bug with Korgan, I have not yet found the reason, but I will look again. It is important to use the latest version, since I have fixed several bugs with these Korgan's dialogs since version 2.4 (therefore, most likely, the cause of the bug has already been fixed and therefore it does not repeat itself). Mod updated, new version 2.9! https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/v.2.9 Fixed a bug with Edwin's dialogue in the Underdark. Thanks to Aria for the bug report!
  2. Hello again! I checked what was written above and fixed the bugs! Please thank Lumorus for me! And thank you very much too! 1) In the third component, the addition of the dir.ids file was not provided, as in the first two components. But at the same time, in one of the scripts there was an indication of the direction in the form of a letter designation. Therefore, it was installed on the BGT with an error. Now there should be no error (since version 2.8) 2) The problem with stuttering in a banter between Imoen and Anomen in ToB was caused by the fact that this banter should ha
  3. Many thanks! I'll watch it tomorrow! I will add that for testing it is recommended to use the latest version (2.7), as it fixes several problems that were in earlier versions. Regarding the conversation with Korgan, I have provided two options for starting a dialogue about his duty: 1) If there has not been a conversation with Madeen yet, then Korgan will talk about the debt two days after completing the quest with Kaza's book (simultaneously with the conversation about Madeen) 2) If the player has already spoken with Madeen and Tolgerias, then Korgan will start talking about deb
  4. We do not have the opportunity to test the mod on OSX with WeiDU 247, since none of the testers have this system.
  5. Yes, the fixes in the d-files apply to the English version as well! But it's better to wait for the official update.
  6. UPD! p_zombie now tested the mod on WeiDU 24700 - and now those errors are gone, everything works fine! The errors could not be reproduced. So you can safely update!
  7. SOLVED! Explanation in the next post I don't have IWD2 myself, but p_zombie and our other testers reported that the mod only works correctly on WeiDU 23600. According to them, on other versions (including version 24600), many dialogues and battles did not work as they should. For example, the dialogue with Nord, where he gives gifts, did not appear. It was the same with the dialogue with the druid about saving people, etc. I quote a p_zombie: "It looks like the mod uses some features or functions of weidu, which were subsequently changed or removed. With various older versions of weidu,
  8. p_zombie has checked the installation of the mod, everything is OK!
  9. Yes, this version includes updates! I just forgot to upload the updated tp2-file with the changed version number last time, sorry! The rest of the changes are included.
  10. TeamBG "BG1 NPC in BG2" mod (Author: Smiling Imp, additions - Austin) This mod adds the majority of NPCs from BG1 into BG2 SoA&ToB. They have new banters and interjections and a few of them have encounters and quests as well. The mod is broken down into different components, allowing for easy mixing and matching with other mods that may also add NPCs from BG1. Additionally, you will be able to visit a new city area, the luxurious Water Gardens, where all the rich and famous of Athkatla go to unwind. The mod is compatible with BG2, BG2: EE and EET. Version 12.2 includes
  11. Thanks, fixed! Github does strange things sometimes) https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases/tag/v.2.7
  12. Mod updated! The version remains the same (2.7). proofread the English text in the ANheist.tra file (thanks to contralexical) added a code that will allow you to see new animations in the second component of the mod and on the "classic" version of the game, if the Infinity Animations mod is installed at the same time. Thanks to TotoR! fixed the image of the magic lamp from the Aran's quest on the "classic" version, added a "description" image of the lamp
  13. Updated to version 2.7! Improved English translation (ANstash.tra file, thanks contralexical for proofreading!) Added Faldorn's interjection (from Smiling Imp's "BG1 NPC in BG2" mod) to the dialogue with Owney (ANheist.tra) Fixed Russian version of ANstash.tra file
  14. I was looking at the code now and saw an error in the bg1npc\phase1\dlg\x#faldorn.d file. There is this block there: Judging by the triggers and by the texts of these lines, it is quite obvious that this should be a dialogue between Faldorn and Kagain, but Imoen speaks Kagain's phrases! Correct this please.
  15. Mod has been updated to version 2.6! Fixed several bugs (including the above bugs with sahuagins and the lack of a magic lamp image on some versions of the game)! https://github.com/Austin-BG/HTaM/releases
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