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Un-nerfed weapon styles


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Is there a way to mod weapon styles at all or is it hardcoded?

Sword & shield style is pratically useless and single weapon style is never a better choice than two weapon style.


Well if one is using the Shield of Harmony, just as one example, the -4 to AC vs missiles from using Swd & Shld is hardly "useless". You get the AC bump for the shield itself, all of the immunities AND an extra -4 AC vs missiles - and all for only 2 prof points rather than the 3 that one needs to make 2 weapon style really useful.


With regards to Single weapon style, the extra chance for a Critical and the -2 AC bump [again with only two points in the prof rather than the 3 you need in 2 wpn style] seem like a fair trade-off vs 2 wpn style's extra attack per round. Being 10% harder to hit, is after all, being 10% harder to hit....


It's a question of player choice and style, if you ask me, I certainly don't see any of the wpn styles being overpowered vs any of the others. And once you get HLA's and Whirlwinds and Greater Whirlwinds, much of the usefulness of 2 wpn style is lost since you can only have 10 attacks per round regardless of the base number - so going from 5 apr w/ 2 wpn style to 10 with a Whirlwing is no different than going from 4 apr to10, with say an increased chance of a critical with single wpn style....


And given that the other three styles require only two profs, rather than three, to be at maximum usefulness, that is, in effect, a "free" prof you get to place elsewhere, should you take any other style insted of 2 weapon style. That could mean more flexibity with regards to weapon choice for specific encounters, or an overall increase in your abilities with regards to THAC0 and Damage...


Now, with my Stalker and Blade I am a huge fan of 2 weapon style myself, but that never meant I questioned the usefulness of the other styles - I simply made a choice that this particular character build would employ style X rather than style Y - all of the styles have their uses and good/bad points. I'd hardly call any of them "nerfed". Different strokes for different folks I guess....

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