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    This mod allows the player to select classes and kits for all joinable NPCs, and then start them from level one (with enough experience to level up to the player immediately) so that the player can select skills, spells, proficiencies, etc. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. This is something people've been talking about modding since, what, 2002? And then you just quietly do it. Awesome possum
  3. No, I'm referring to the corrupt version that DSotSCTD provides.
  4. Ahah, that's where Bub-Of-The-Sixteen-Nulls-Stuffed-In-Header comes from. I'll see what I can do.
  5. It's the very best of reasons to move on. Congratulations.
  6. Grab this file, and also a copy of WeiDU (which you can also get by copying the setup-modname.exe for any mods you happen to have lying around). Rename that copy of WeiDU to "setup-edwin_soundset.exe" without the quotes. Put both files in your BGII folder and double click the setup-edwin_soundset.exe. There's about half a dozen other errors with the Edwin sequence which you won't get fixed this way, though.
  7. Boo says: Vampires are hard!
  8. And Gavin has joined the pyre Based on the feedback I've had thus far, people are using this mod in more of a tweaky spirit to nudge weapon proficiencies and the like into more agreeable configurations rather than to make silly apes of their favorite NPCs.
  9. They'll be in; thanks for double checking for me I've no intention of asking anyone else to wade through that ghastly .tp2 - I wrote it and I still don't like looking at it
  10. I'll actually be reading from the files that are copied, so it shouldn't be strictly necessary - I'd just like external confirmation from someone who knows what's what, as I tend to get sloppy during these sleepless mod binges
  11. I'd like to extend the above request for information to include the NPC's script name and the name of their initial dialogue file (the one that would contain their first JoinParty() action). I have this already for the above mods and the half-dozen others that will be included in V1; it's just reference for future additions.
  12. Listing the salient .cre and .itm files is all I'd really need if anyone else wants to jump in - signature item usabilities were sorted ages ago. Though if there's any wacky scripting that checks for your own character's class, that's always good to know. I'll add these posthaste; thank you both
  13. Most of them are in bg2fixpack/compile/soa-dlg.d; they can be commented out with the same /* */ or //.
  14. If it's not in code tags, the forum here will probably convert to unicode autostupidly. I should be able to covert it back though. Thank you /edit Let's try Microsoft WinCyrillic CP1251 character set. OUTER_SPRINT ~unusability_match~ ~\(ÃÂÃ¥ èñïîëüçóåòñÿ\)~ OUTER_SPRINT ~NOT_USABLE_BY~ ~ÃÂÃ¥ èñïîëüçóåòñÿ:~ OUTER_SPRINT ~NEUTRAL_OR_EVIL~ ~Ëþáûìè íåéòðàëüíûìè èëè çëûìè ïåðñîíàðàìè~ OUTER_SPRINT ~DRUID~ ~Äðóèäàìè~ OUTER_SPRINT ~CLERIC~ ~Ñâÿùåííèêàìè~ OUTER_SPRINT ~FIGHTER~ ~Ìàðàìè~ OUTER_SPRINT ~THIEF~ ~Âîðàìè~ OUTER_SPRINT ~MAGE~ ~Âîèíàìè~ OUTER_SPRINT ~BARD~ ~ÃÂàðäàìè~
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