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  1. Anyone still cares about this one? Oh, never mind. ~Me? I'm serious as a privy on a sunny morning.~ means exactly that. Some people wouldn't smile at this joke, some would (I would). It's not someone's joke or folklore, it's a joke I myself made up. In English. I like it in Russian, too "да я серьёзен, как унитаз на рассвете!" I'm absolutely okay if people don't get my jokes, btw. People are different, different strokes for different folks; not my business. Anyway! " I'll take you up on this swing" means, erm, swing. (качели). Children use what? Swings. They swing in the garden.
  2. Hi, folks! I'm very happy people are playing BG2 still and enjoying our mods! Thank you all for supporting this community! I am currently allowing CamDawg and jastey to make updates to all my G3 mods and I'm very thankful to tham for that. However, I'd like to clarify very clearly, however, that I do not allow any unauthorized mirrors: all my mods should remain on G3 and PPG. If any person, be they Roxanne or anyone else, tries to mirror my mods - I'm against it. I do not allow it. I do not want any conlict with anyone (I'd like just to continue writing my books), but plea
  3. Joey Bracken, a kind, talented and very dedicated actor, lent his voice to Xan, and it's now available in Version 16! There's also an alternate minimod for those who'd like to experiment with Xan's new voice in BG1. Learn more and download at http://www.pocketplane.net/xan
  4. Hi! Reposting my PM here, sorry to cut in: Okay, about NPC mods. We may or may not have different positions here, but here's what I see: the number of NPC modders is waning more than a little, and unfortunately, it's no longer possible to gather a big team like the one on BG1 NPC project or maybe even Romantic Encounters. So I would suggest to welcome any and all writers, point them to the tutorials and encourage them to write standalone small mods. Maybe just a few NPCs at a time. Eventually those little bits and pieces will be incorporated in a larger mod, and it will be great. But f
  5. It bodes well for Beamdog, yeah, but it doesn't bode well for the players, I feel. Or for Bioware.
  6. I love David Gaider's writing both in Bioware games and his novel, the Stolen Throne. Dorian, Cassandra, Morrigan, Shale - all those Dragon Age characters and intrigues were great, wonderful, amazing. And then I found out he left Bioware - and a bit later I found out that he is in Beamdog now. That's, well, quite a shock. I feel sad. And more than a little afraid, somehow - I love Bioware titles, and it seems like it won't be the same at Bioware without him, creatively; I mean, I'm scared that games will become worse and so on. On the other hand, Beamdog's new content in BG2EE wasn't e
  7. Sure, if you got well-written and coded mod dialogue, send it here! As for ideas, people who write and code usually use their own, I'd say - that's why "NPC Mod Idea" threads usually stay dead and discarded.
  8. 2) You can rest easy - EE companions will not react, their romances will stay unchanged. 1) Currently not, no reactions, but I do not mind including those reactions - I would've written them myself, but alas, I haven't played with the companions. But we'd be happy to include more of the good stuff, certainly. (However, we have a problem with G3 hosting currently, so I can't update RE or any other G3 mods for the time being, alas; that's an issue that makes me less eager to, say, go and play EE and add those reactions).
  9. It's good to know there's some constant in G3 world! That is, Aklon is still being made. (I guess when you move to Viconia, it'll be time to open up champagne).
  10. That's not a bug: Xan's "spell" adds a different branch to Centeol's outcome, and she never dies - she remains alive, actually.
  11. Thanks to our multiple authors who made this possible! (The new component, Date Night, has a pretty sweet encounter with Anomen, by the way, courtesy of SisterVigilante). Glad the mod installs for you now!
  12. Oh, who's going to listen to his opinion, when that slave collar looks so sexy? (I'm naturally going to choose both paths, but the slave path? First and foremost.)
  13. Should I replace SetLeavePartyDialogFile() with a SetDialog() for BG2EE? I vaguely recall I had a similar issue with Haer'Dalis quest in UB, but I'm not sure.
  14. Yay! I'd be happy to read the dialogues, if I may(though I'm probably not going through with the actual testing).
  15. That sounds like a whole lot of progress.
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