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  1. Hi, folks! I'm very happy people are playing BG2 still and enjoying our mods! Thank you all for supporting this community! I am currently allowing CamDawg and jastey to make updates to all my G3 mods and I'm very thankful to tham for that. However, I'd like to clarify very clearly, however, that I do not allow any unauthorized mirrors: all my mods should remain on G3 and PPG. If any person, be they Roxanne or anyone else, tries to mirror my mods - I'm against it. I do not allow it. I do not want any conlict with anyone (I'd like just to continue writing my books), but please, if you're doing it, stop it now. To all our players and all my colleagues, thank you.
  2. Joey Bracken, a kind, talented and very dedicated actor, lent his voice to Xan, and it's now available in Version 16! There's also an alternate minimod for those who'd like to experiment with Xan's new voice in BG1. Learn more and download at http://www.pocketplane.net/xan
  3. Storytelling 101: his abilities and his stats may be interesting, especially to power gamers, but they won't matter if he doesn't have an interesting personality; i.e. he's not someone you'd want as a friend in this game.
  4. V10 has no new content, but Date Night with Anomen should be working (yay!), so there's that! Enjoy, and let me know about any issues you encounter.
  5. http://www.siegeofdragonspear.com/ - oh, it's 19 bucks. I mean, I was reading those $3/$5 posts and then I saw 129$ for collector's edition and kind of gulped. 19.99$ is kinda steep, especially since I don't wanna play it, just mod it. Ahwellmaybelater.
  6. Great to hear the mod works for you! It's a bit unclear that the last version is not 1.1 from the site, maybe. What if we pin a topic with something like this: Latest version here: please download? (v1.3 bugthread) Then everyone's happy, yay!
  7. If I remember correctly, normal BG2 allows you to have something like -26 AC, with multiple Blur spell.
  8. Hi! Reposting my PM here, sorry to cut in: Okay, about NPC mods. We may or may not have different positions here, but here's what I see: the number of NPC modders is waning more than a little, and unfortunately, it's no longer possible to gather a big team like the one on BG1 NPC project or maybe even Romantic Encounters. So I would suggest to welcome any and all writers, point them to the tutorials and encourage them to write standalone small mods. Maybe just a few NPCs at a time. Eventually those little bits and pieces will be incorporated in a larger mod, and it will be great. But for the time being, "gather here and start writing!" may actually *prevent* people from participating, because let's face it, creative guidance doesn't sound so great when creative freedom is the only thing you have when you write mods. You don't have a big audience, you don't get money, but you can write whatever you want for your favorite Jan or Minsc, right? So I wouldn't take it away from any writer, being very fond of my own freedom. I don't want anyone to sacrifice. (then again, the lead writer probably has to help a lot with coding, which is why I would say - people, please, look the tutorials and Branwen NPC first, and at least write in .d format - add the scripting later) One more thing before I forget - fuzzy, sleepy, sorry. In BG2, we know what to write - Imoen kidnapped, Jaheira lost Khalid, Minsc is an old companion. Nalia is a new companion. In BG1, Gorion's dead, Imoen is your best friend, Xan is a lamenting guy from the mines, and so on. But it's practically impossible to write for all cases: "go to IWD from BG1, go to IWD from BG2 (which chapter?) or from ToB". That's why it might be good to set boundaries. I mean, when I was writing Heart of Winter's material for my IWD NPC , I was totally lost, because I had to write generic plot-related dialogue, and I couldn't touch the character's arcs at all, because I didn't know where they were - before the Severed Hand? After it? Were romances progressing? So, yeah, that's a problem.
  9. I was confused about something and just wanted to pop in with a silly question (lack of sleep and such, sorry): I've never been a fan of mod Xan's filenames (for example) changing, because he's a BG2-only character, a mod character, designed specifically for one single purpose. BG1 Xan may have something to do with him storywise, yeah, but in no way should they have same filenames, death variables and such. I.e. I hope and believe that Xan, Branwen, Coran, Tiax (have I forgotten someone?) should remain O#Xan, O#Coran and so on, absolutely - because this way they will remain separate NPCs as they were always meant to be. (and I'll only be dealing with my own bug reports). Same as any BG2-only character - just treat O#Coran as a BG2-only character, if it makes the job easier. I think I've been asked about this in PM once, and, yeah, I believe this "same dialogue for BG1 and BG2" just doesn't work here, I think.
  10. It bodes well for Beamdog, yeah, but it doesn't bode well for the players, I feel. Or for Bioware.
  11. Everyone who reads my mods (d files or tra files or whatever) for their entertainment is very welcome to do so, and I am happy to read and accept any suggestions and typo reports they might make in the process. You can enjoy the work in numerous possible ways, and honestly, I'd rather not limit anyone's enjoyment. (actually, Branwen NPC is made with the sole purpose of being read as a tutorial, hehe) Anyway, yeah, NI uses response numbers, state numbers, strref numbers, color code (which is stressful, yeah, I prefer plain black, red creeps me out), not to mention Java interface which... let's say, limits my enjoyment quite a lot.
  12. I love David Gaider's writing both in Bioware games and his novel, the Stolen Throne. Dorian, Cassandra, Morrigan, Shale - all those Dragon Age characters and intrigues were great, wonderful, amazing. And then I found out he left Bioware - and a bit later I found out that he is in Beamdog now. That's, well, quite a shock. I feel sad. And more than a little afraid, somehow - I love Bioware titles, and it seems like it won't be the same at Bioware without him, creatively; I mean, I'm scared that games will become worse and so on. On the other hand, Beamdog's new content in BG2EE wasn't exactly up to par with Irenicus, Viconia Romance and Chapter 5 adventures in the Underdark. And Beamdog doesn't have the resources! I mean, can we expect anything absolutely amazing from them, something lke Trespasser? (Personally, I want games like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age saga and great and interactive stories - and that's Bioware). Anyway, yeah. That happened.
  13. Looks pretty horrible, yeah, hence I mentioned that I created all those (ten? twelve? more?) mods using Infinity Explorer all the way. If Near Infinity looks a nightmare to you as it does to me, there's an alternative. Also, did someone just FYI me?
  14. Near Infinity was terrible for me, so I'll post here recommending Infinity Explorer: infexp.sourceforge.net (and, yeah, I use plain text viewers like Notepad to read .d mod files)
  15. Kulyok

    Custom NPC

    Just write the NPC first. Chances are so high (95%) that a modder would abandon his NPC mod after a few dialogues that, really, there's a very high probability that your current questions are moot. Do the friendship track, the interjections, the NPC banters, the character arc (with or without a quest), event reactions - and then think about coding frills (combat and other such irrelevent stuff - anyway, people only pay attention to it if the mod is 1) written well; 2) written).
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