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  1. I could go through the whole source code of GemRB to figure out how all the game files fit together, and it would still not teach me how to distribute mods with WeiDU. Documentation is crucial in any software project and more broadly in "software communities" that create content together with hand-crafted tools like NI/WeiDU/etc. The French guide looks exactly like what I had in mind... at least from a glance, since I can't read French LOL. I guess I could run it through Google Translate and clean it up to create an English translation. The link to the BGForge MSL extension for VSC
  2. Oh, amazing! This is like a whole dev environment... Hah, it even found the screenshots I made with the Print Screen key and wasn't able to locate thereafter. xD I know BAF are text files, I thought compiling them results in a BIF but looks like I confused it with BCS. I see BIF is an archive format of sorts. Lots of reading to do in any case. I think it would be great if there was a little guide/tutorial like "making your first mod" which lists you the tools you'll need and walks you through the steps to create some basic "Hello World" kind of mod. Say, creating a new item called "H
  3. Heya, I'd really like being able to dig into game files a bit, and check out the code of mods I install, for instance to see whether something I experience is a bug or not. (Especially since I'm on 2.6 already.) I'm an experienced software developer, but I haven't been able to find any quick and easy guide that simply tells me "you can install this program and run this command to decompile BIF files" or "do this and that to compile a BAF and integrate it into the game." I found the IESDP, which is an absolutely amazing resource. I also found DLTCEP but it doesn't seem very user frien
  4. I'm playing on the 2.6 beta and I'm at the torture chamber fight, where the enemies spawn behind you in the torture chamber as soon as you walk into the next room where the book saying "face my demons" lies on the ground. 1. It seems that the enemies that spawn are semi-random. I seem to get a selection of two from the following: Durlag Trollkiller, Islanne, Fuernebol, and Kiel the Legion Killer. Is this intended? 2. Sometimes one of them will spawn directly as a Greater Doppelgänger and not as the more powerful character they're supposed to be. This is almost certainly a bug as it m
  5. Ah, thanks for the explanation! My curiosity is quenched. Thanks again for the great mod!
  6. Heya, first of all thanks for this mod! It never made sense to me that I couldn't visit expansion content after finishing the main story... I'm on BG:EE 2.6 (beta) and found a bug. After Sarevok's death, when I visit the Palace, Belt and Jannath are hostile (red) and start fighting with Flaming Fist mercenaries. Soon after, that one NPC teleports in to kill my PC. (Like automatic game over when Belt dies.) I'm a programmer but not very familiar with Infinity scripting yet. Do you have any pointers regarding how I could debug the issue? Following is some info I was able to scrape toge
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