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Curious about Bhaal power DuHM

Guest Truper

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Guest Truper

I decided to try BG2 Fixpack, so I uninstalled/reinstalled. Fixpack is the only mod I installed.


I am a long-time player of the game, and am used to the Bhaalspawn power Draw upon Holy Might taking a long time to cast - so long that I hardly ever used it. Under my new instal, it casts very quickly, and is a lot more useful.


I have looked through the documentation for the Fixpack, and I don't find any reference to either Bhaal powers or DuHM. It might be that I just missed it, since the documentation is long.


Is DuHM something changed by the fixpack, or something that had been changed by Baldurdash (which I previously had installed - my documentation for Baldurdash got deleted when I uninstalled) and is now changed back to default (patched) ToB?


If anyone has enough knowledge and kindness to answer this question, I'd appreciate it.

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