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GemRB 0.2.8 on OSX 10.4 - success!


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Today, I spent lot of time with trying compile GemRB correct with SDL on OSX...


this is a solution: ./configure LIBS="-lSDLmain" LDFLAGS="-framework Cocoa"


this make GemRB correct with obj-c threads to work in window mode


here are some screenshots ... http://gemrb.hanicka.net/index.html


in 16bps is good colors, but very slooooow

in 24bps is bad colors and wrong placing of overlapping elements in gui

in 32bps is bad color, speed and placing is ok


At this moment I trying create "bundle" GemRB.app ... I'm at good way, after that I will send it here.

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I'm sorry if I am demanding too much but would you mind telling me how to do this?


I have got OpenAL, SDL, Python and the source for GemRB but I have absolutely no idea what to do with it!


Help please I need my roleplaying fix!

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