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Calling for the more experienced mod-makers... would this kind of a project be possible? (Long introduction post)

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< If you're against long introductions, just skip the text until the bolded part >


So I started this new game at SoA. I made myself a new character, and this time decided that I would really role-play the game through and not just make a character with the stat-rating at 18 in the most important attributes while ignoring the others, and be happy with it.

Then I came across this one idea... here, I'll let you take a look at my current character for a second.




Like you can see, she is a Half-elven Mage/Thief, modified to be of the Assassin-kit with Shadowkeeper. Her stats actually remind me of those BioWare would give the NPCs you're supposed to come across regularily in the game. Until it all hit me :


If she's a Child of Bhaal, I could give her some new special abilities to really reflect that she differs from the masses with something else than just her heritage. She could, you know... be able to transform into other forms than just the Slayer after a certain part of the game.


Now what form did I have in mind? The one that the Shapeshifters can turn into, the (Greater) Werewolf form. I was thinking of simply adding the special ability into her innate abilities with a little help from the ShadowKeeper, until I realised another thing - if she can't control herself for long in the Slayer form after regaining some of her strengths, and gaining new ones, how could she be able to control herself in the Werewolf form before realizing more of her destiny later on, providing her with even more power?


She can't.



~ ( The highly advertised bold part ) ~


This led me into wondering would it be possible to alter the werewolf change so much, that you would go into the Minsc Berserk-state after transforming yourself - and when the rage would wear off, you'd transform back to your original form and become fatigued from the mental stress. Possibly even going to the state of 'Knockdown-sleep' afterwards, standing for that the power she was granted was too much for her to handle.


So, as a question for the modders - would it be possible to somehow enable my view of how her progression as a werewolf-shapeshifter should develop? Would it be possible to have her really become berserked from the rage flowing from the primal beast form?




I, myself, already came to the realization that it might be possible if the Assassin kit would be copied and modified as another kit, in which those abilities would come across as normal "class-evolution". Sure, it wouldn't be a task at all to add the Werewolf Change to be also the special ability of the new thief kit rather than being restricted to Shapeshifters alone, but the automatic rage-state troubles me.


So to... further define what I want to know, is could the Minsc-Berserk be scripted to be an automatic reaction made by the transformer, most preferably so that the Berserk state wouldn't be available in any other situation, and that the character would become fatigued, and possibly even knocked out from the consuming operation?

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This should be possible, you would have to break open the various spell/ability files with NI or something similar and copy-paste what you wanted into a new kind of transformation to add to your PC. You'd have to add some timing ssytem (which you could probably rip wholesale out of the Slayer transformation), but even with my limited coding know-how it sounds perfectly possible.


You may want to look at the various turorials in the how-to section for more info.

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