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Improved invisibility issue

Guest nebbo

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Guest nebbo

Version of Game: ToB

Mods Installed: BG2 Fixpack v3


Hey fellas,


I just noticed that I get +4 to thac0 from improved invisibility and

shadow door, there's no mention of that in the spell description.


I remembered this from the documentation of the core fixes:


Improved Invisibility Fixes


Of the many forms of Improved Invisibility, most do not provide the +4 save bonuses that it is supposed to confer. Improved Invisibility is also not supposed to be able to stack with itself.


I thought that maybe the thac0 increase got bundled in there by mistake...?

Forgive me if this is intentional, it ought to be mentioned in the description

if it is however.

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Guest Guest

Turns out it's only for the first attack made after going invisible, so I

guess it is intentional. I should've checked that before posting, sorry =)

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