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How do I get Joluv? (bonus merchant patch)

Guest gibberlings3 fan

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Guest gibberlings3 fan

In my current game I have installed:

BGII-ThroneofBhaal Patch 26498


Improved Horns of Valhalla 1.2



I noticed that Deidre was included in Adventurer's Mart, and then I remembered that I forgot to install the merchant patch (the one that adds Deidre and Joluv).


That patch consists of 2 files, Joluv's file is ar0406.bcs.

But the fixpack is already occupying this filename in the override folder to apparently fix a few copper coronet events. It goes without saying that I prioritise bugfixes above a single extra merchant, but I really want the +5 Sling from Joluv, what should I do?

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