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Item/Spell modding

Guest Rich0203

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Guest Rich0203

Hey everybody, I'm a member of Sorcers Place and was told to come here for help. I've been using DLTCEP for modding and love it. I have been attempting to create a weapon that is both sentient and has the ability to summon a modified wish spell.


The first problem i ran into was actually understanding the mechanics of the wish spell. I have read through all the files linked to it(i think) and haven't found any spell functions, just dialog. I wish to find the spell list so i can delete some and add other abilites and choices.


The second question I have is a little easier. Is there anyway I could edit my fists to have an animation? I want to see glowing hands kinda like the flametongue sword or the moonblade from BG1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the Wish spell is handled entirely through the dialogue of the wish-granting summon, with the effects being handled by scripting/spells called by the choices made.


As I understand it, this should make making your own Wish choices fairly easy. All you have to do is add the additional dialogue options and add to your/the original wish summon's script to cast them.



The fist animation might be harder... you would have to paint that animation using a graphics program and apply it to all possible avatars that might use it. You might be able to find an existing spell animation that adds glow or effects to the whole body (including hands) and use it as a basis, removnig all the rest of the stuff. I'm not exactly sure how one would go about modifying an animation though.

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Guest Guest

Thanks for the help. I'll get on the spell part right away. It's a shame there's not an easier way for an animated fist.

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Guest rich0203

Thanks for the help with understanding. i re-read through the wish/limited wish spells and noticed what you mentioned. I created a spell similar to wish complete with creature, dialog, and spell effects. I also got the item to work.


The only difficulty I am having is understanding the code for the casting of the effects. I want my spells to be 1-time only spells, but don't quite understand how this is done. After looking over the limited wish spell, I assumed it was with the string: ActionOverride(LastTalkedToBy,etc) since this was only seen in the 1-time use spells. But once I looked over the Wish spell, I noticed every spell had that ActionOverride string. Could somebody give me a quick lesson on the action commands for the wish spells(eg. ForceSpellRES, ReallyForceSpell, and everything else).


Thanks in advance.

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First up, welcome to G3 as a registered user. :)



If I'm understanding you right, you want the spells to be able to be cast only once. A simple way to do that would be to include a condition in the dialogue that leads to each spell that says "Only allow this option if the variable 'AlreadyWishedForThat1' does not exist" and set the dialogue up so that making that specific wish sets the variable to exist (also, you'll need to make a unique name for each one, so that

they all don't get turned off).



Your best initial bet is to check out the available tutorials here and see if you can put together some rudimentary dialogue, based on the game files. the tutorials have been put together to help with just these kinds of initial issues, and should be very informative.


For a specific question, you should be able to come in here and ask for help, and this works best if you can post something along the lines of "I tried the following code, but it didn't work, can anyone tel me why?" and list the code. that way, more experienced modders can get right to the heart of the problem without worrying about the huge range of possibilities that might be causing your problem.


As for how ForceSpellRES, ReallyForceSpell work, you can find that in the IESDP, which you can find on the top navigation bar of the forums, or here.

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