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GemRB 0.28 + 'import string' error

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Using the win32 binary release,


I run PST

select new game

I set the character attributes (intelligence, charisma, etc)

and when i press "Accept" I get this error:



[scriptable]: No current area[GUIScript]: Loading Script MessageWindow...Traceba

ck (most recent call last):

File "C:/Games/Infinity Engine Emulator/gemrb_028/GUIScripts/pst\MessageWindow

.py", line 36, in ?

from GUIINV import *

File "C:/Games/Infinity Engine Emulator/gemrb_028/GUIScripts/pst\GUIINV.py", l

ine 26, in ?

import string

ImportError: No module named string



can anyone help?


Thanks in advance

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Did you install python?

If not, install python2.3


If it isn't python2.3, then copy your own pythonxx.dll over the game's python23.dll (use python23.dll as name).


Anyone knows a way to make a version independent binary, write me!

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