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All the Naskel soldiers turn hostile.

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Guest Guest_Michael_*

I have played through tutu once with the current mods that I have now, and I experienced no real problems (yay!). I am now playing a new game, but as soon as I arrive at Nashkel all of the soldiers turn hostile and attack. This is a problem. LOL. I was wondering if my reputation was the cause, but it's only 4 (low, but not low enough I would think to warrant that kind of response).


I'm not sure if this is a mod-induced bug or what. I noticed that pretty soon after the soldiers go hostile, the words "You have failed. The guards are coming." appear over my head. Is this possibly related to earlier thefts that I thought had gone unnoticed?


Also, on a related note; when Marl tries to pick a fight at Feldposts, I get a nice interjection from Montaron instigating the fight. However this dialog also makes Marl's friend go hostile, and I get a rep hit if I defend myself and kill him. This happens even if I wait to bring Monty in until after I've already dealt with Marl. Is this intentional?


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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It's your reputation, and it's like this in the original game, yes.


With Monty, it was the character's writer intent, as well.


Huh, I'll be darned. I guess I'm just used to BGII where you had more of an opportunity to be bad.



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