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Website, documentation, is it gone forever ?


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The website has been down for a long time now. I assume that you plan to repair it one day, but where can I find useful information without disturbing you evrytime I search something ?


For example, I am trying to implement thieving skills. In order to do that, I must define a function such as GemRB.Thieving (on the model of GemRB.SpellCast), but I could not find where GemRB.SpellCast was defined !!!

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GemRB.SpellCast and any GUIScript functions are defined in C++ code.

The GUIScript plugin implements all the GemRB.* commands.

You must know C++ to add new guiscript commands.


Though i believe pickpocket doesn't need too much python code, just change the cursor to PickPocket ;)


Of course it isn't possible yet, but it will be something like:




Somehow i overlooked this ;)

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