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Planescape Torment error

Guest -AHJ-

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Guest -AHJ-

I could start PS:T, start a new game, save the game and reload it again. The problem comes when I try to load a save game that I kept from before. Gemrb quits with a segmentation fault. This save game loads okay when running PS:T under wine 0.9.14. Here's a partial error printout.


[KEYImporter]: Searching for spwi807.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for p_jrnl.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for meteor.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for bbwand.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for spice.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for cratchrm.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for dlegacy2.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for justfier.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for dlegacy1.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for cerepara.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for fingnail.itm...[Found in Override]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for bbchrm.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for bloochrm.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for bbseed.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for gordknot.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for dag1.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for bladeim.itm...[Found in Override]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for enlight.itm...[FOUND]

[GAMImp]: Invalid Slot Enabler caught: weapon!

[GAMImp]: Invalid Slot Enabler caught: weapon!

[KEYImporter]: Searching for °.cre...[ERROR]

Segmentation fault

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Guest -AHJ-
Either i recently screwed up the gam importer, or there is something special with your saved game.


Okay, I'll check an older version then. Used the 0.2.9

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