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GemRB seems to have trouble in BG1


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OK that is something which is quite hard to describe in a small topic title.


I'm trying to play BG1 with GemRB, and I encountered a weird bug :


All strings of type <STRING> are displayed as it. I mean, in a dialogue, I would see "Hello <CHARNAME>" instead of "Hello zefklop"


The same problem occurs in character creation and stores.


Is it a known bug ? (I think not, because it fully works in BG2)

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Updated today, fully works now.


BTW, it seems that the game is unable to play all sounds.


I mean, if I enable intro movies, then I have no music, and I never managed to have sound in the introduction. (where it's said that Candlekeep is on the coast blahblah).


Do you have the same behaviour ?

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Uh uh it's something very (very very) weird.


I'll try to explain what I get simply :


If I enable intro movies, then I don't have music, but I have voices. (Winthrop speaks to me)


If I disable movies, then I have Music, but I don't have voices.


There's constant : I always have interface sounds, and I never managed to have chapter sound. (In fact, GemRB doesn't seem to care about it, since It doesn't says it has found any sound file at this point).


So it seems that there are only two channels. one which is always used by interface.

The other is used by :

1)Movies and then voices.



1)I think that movies take the channel, and then free it, but music can't take it since it doesn't have the "time", but voices can, since they are played a long time after movies.


2)The music takes the channel, and since it's a stream, never frees it, so voices can't use it.


Hope this is clear :cry:


BTW, on character creation, gemrb doesn't find any voice for it.

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