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Bug in Copper Coronet (hostiles)

Elfen Lied

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sometimes when i im the copper Coronet and doing the first part of the free the slave quest, when levithan (not sure of the spelling) gives me accesss to the back rooms if i go upstairs everyone or almost everyone in the CC goes hostile towards me and my friends on Multiplayer.


anyone have any thoughts?


the mods we have are

Ashes of Embers

Ease of Use

Unfinished Business

Quest Pack

Deeper Shadows of Amn


Edwin Romance

Enhanced Theif Guild

Level 50 Spells

Item Upgrade

Underrepresented Items





Willy Bruce

Banter Pack

Flirt Pack



im thinking its maybe Deeper SOA as that alters the CC but ive had that installed before and not had any problems with it, just recently.


Ive been kind busy lately so i havent had time to unistall Deeper SOA and see if it works like its suppose to, I figured i ask incase i got different answers than just unistalling that mod.


if i have some time ill unistall it and see if it makes a difference.

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