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new Windows binary (svn) prob. 0.29+


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i like your project. i'm maintainer of different open source projects (Ogre3D MinGW SDK, Iris2 3D-Client aso.). I build a new Windows binary from your SVN (prob. 0.29+). I statically link zlib and removed the Alut dependency ( i think it's not needed). I build this with VS8 Express & Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2. So everybody needs the VS8 Redist Sp1 ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en ).


Videos are working now (only tested with planescape torment).


I upload it today to upload.sourceforge.net (incoming folder). So you only have to add it over your project page to your download repository.


file is called:



something went wrong with my upload. if the archive is broken, i uploaded it another time. file is called:



You should prob. take this file.





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Ok, it works.


I just needed to install the vs runtime and copy my python23.dll as python25.dll ???

The latter is of course needed only because i got python 2.3.


The new package is up on sourceforge in "third party compiled binaries".

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Yes, it would be nice.

The source package should only contain the make files needed to reproduce your binary ???


I assume you did not modify the gemrb sources in any way?

If you needed some change in the source, please submit a patch for them too (if possible make it so it won't break other compilations).

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Of couse.


I created VS8Express make files using the "Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2" (so all tools are freely available).


I uploaded "GemRB_dependencys_(win).zip" to sourceforge.


I upped the VS8Sp1+PSDK project files here:



The best would be, to delete the old VS8 folder and add this.

I changed the build process for windows a bit. I moved SDL includes to dependency folder. So it would be the best to remove this includes from all win project solutions and refere to dependencys. No sourcecode patch is needed so far.


If you like,i can build you an windows installer script. I also prefer a fully automatic build process. It would be good to create a script that setup a distribution.



Question: If i add this to GemRB.cfg (this file is in my project directory):


GemRB can't find "gemrb.ini" in the override directories.





don't work. Is it hardcoded?

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