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GemRB completeness

Guest Generic Joe

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Guest Generic Joe

Few questions:


- how complete is GemRB (in regards to the BG1/BG2 engine)?

- is a remaing functionality hard to implement?

- how many ppl works atm on GemRB?


Some time ago I've checked commits and it looks that there is only one active developer (you know who you are ;-)).


Lol, eons passed since I typed things like char* or malloc... I think I will check if Eclipse CDT can import autotools projects :s

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There are two active developers, but i cannot deny that i'm doing most of the work alone. Anyway, the other active developer wjp didn't abandon the project at all, he is working on GemRB, and solves stuff i couldn't.

I mostly care with things which are about the IE engine internals (and apparently i do most of the guiscripts too), he handles openal/SDL.


We could use a hand with the guiscripts.


GemRB is quite complete, especially regarding bg2.

There is still stuff to be done: area affecting projectiles, proper combat rounds.

Regarding the other gametypes, there is another big part to implement: simulation of the projectiles using the .pro format. Most of them (especially for bg1) could be done by simply stealing the bg2 projectiles. But there are special hardcoded projectiles even in bg2, which require new .pro format features.

The good side of this, is modders could create, for example, new lightning bolt like projectiles.

You didn't ask, but either PST or IWD2 will be the last to be implemented, PST because of special projectile stuff with hardcoded effects, and IWD2 because of its 3rd ed ruleset.

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hi Avenger,


i got a bit into the guicode and i modified GemRB for PST to work in highresolution modes 800x600, 1024x768,1280x1024) like the other games.


When i get the mainbar working, i submit you a patch.


ps: Can you speedup scrolling with mousecursor like the original ones?



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How did you do the high resolution hack without proper graphical resources?


The other games worked, because there are .chu files for each resolution.

Although we plan a pixel zoomer algorithm (with proper antialiasing), it isn't yet implemented. This would work by drawing all pixels in a 2x2 square, but smoothing the edges (effectively creating double resolution of all gui resources on the fly).


The speedup is possible, it would be a small change in the event manager, i guess.

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hi avenger,


this was my post, i was on vacation and forgot to login. I only modified your already implemented feature with framing to pst. Only the Pst mainbar needs some special workout but i think we only lower the bar depending on the resolution. I used an existing pst picture as background as icewinddale+how does. (the menues are centered.)


Zooming modes are also very good and you should look for the different zoom modes at http://scummvm.org/ project. They have a loot of very good zoom modes. Even scanlines.

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This question was often asked and answered.

There is a modding community already for the IE engine, this community already produced working tools.

GemRB modding is possible using the very same tools, this includes DLTCEP, NI and WeiDU.

DLTCEP is the 'official' toolset, but only because I wrote it, thus i have the biggest control over it.

Its source is available in the same sourceforge project.

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