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umber hulk gaze, salamander aura


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These effects contain lots of hardcoding.

0x100 Umber Hulk Gaze

- if called from spin994 then this effect won't affect the following targets:

race/fungi, race/minotaur, race/golem, state/blind.


This is implemented by applying 0xce (Immunity Against Spell) effects on the affected creature.

But strangely, the effect uses 'SPIN994' as ResRef, instead of using the Source field, which would work universally.

(If you don't know how the 0xce effect works, then you need to read it up, so you know what i'm talking about).

Otherwise the umber hulk gaze will create a 0x80 (Confusion) effect. So, basically, it is just a filter for the generic confusion effect.


0xff Salamander Aura (fire/ice)

- this effect will either not affect fire resistant creatures or cold resistant creatures (as logical).

The ResRef passed to 0xce is the effect's Source, so this won't have the abovementioned discrepancies.


Salamander aura uses the dice rolls/sizes fields to cause damage on actors near the affected actor.

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