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Romance Conflicts in ToB


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I just tested some v5, and noticed that .2da file had NOT_REAL instead of o#xan25s in ToB department. At first, I wanted to point it out, but then I decided it's fine as it is: after all, all romances in ToB(Kelsey, Edwin, Xan) start at 2, more or less, so romance conlficts component would be no use in ToB (it wouldn't know which romances to switch off and how to do it).


But then I thought: really, this component is working fine in SoA, but it wouldn't work properly in ToB for any romances, for the reason I just mentioned: all romances start at 2. PC summons "My lover, Kelsey", "My lover, Edwin", and "My lover, that bisexual alien next door" - and the only thing that happens, all mod romances happily switch off Anomen's - there's no telling how they really should behave.


I'm just wondering: is there a good solution for this?


(And, yes, NOT_REAL for Xan ToB is fine for now; at least until there's a solution I can understand).

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