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Evil Override Dialogues


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I'm sorry if this has been asked before. There is a fix called "Evil Override Dialogues", made by Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan (yes, I actually copy-pasted the nickname). It prevents evil people from leaving if the reputation of the party goes above 18 (the readme states "above 17" but I believe it must be 18). So, what I'm curious about is whether this fix works in SOA areas with ToB installed? Just in case, here's the setup I'm currently playing with:


Baldur's Gate II

Throne of Bhaal Expansion

Throne of Bhaal Official Patch

BG2 FixPack v4 (only Core fixes)

Ascension Mod (with all those tougher children of Bhaal installed)


I want to install that "Evil Override" because I'd like to have Viconia in my party and get a little romance without artificially lowering my reputation every time it's close to 19 - it can be very annoying.


And another thing: does this mod only affect reputation-dependent issues? I'm asking because I'd like to have Keldorn in my party as well, and he doesn't really get along with Viconia. If it doesn't, then, I guess, I'll have to figure something out. Is there a way to keep them both in the same party legally (i.e. without mods and cheats)? I don't mind them quarreling but killing each other is certainly too much.

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Thank you!


However, if I'm not mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong), this "happy patch" makes things a little too happy - to the point of being somewhat unrealistic. I mean, I don't really mind party members bitching about a high (or low) reputation or arguing with each other. It certainly adds to the atmosphere. I just think that leaving the party forever and/or killing each other is a little too much, even in terms of role-playing.

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There are three different levels of happy-patchedness.


The one you might like is "NPC's can be angry but never leave." It's probably best to warn you that if you kick an angry NPC out with this patch in place, they won't rejoin.


The other two levels are "NPC's are always neutral," where they don't make reputation comments one way or the other, and "never angry," where NPC's are free to make happy sounds at their appropriate reputations, but they'll never complain, nor will they refuse to rejoin, if booted.


All three aspects remove the NPC conflicts, like when Keldorn and Viccy come to blows.

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That sounds pretty interesting (the first aspect, I mean). I don't really plan on kicking anyone out anyway.


Is it available as a separate download (or is there a certain file to put in the override folder without installing the other tweaks)?


By the way, how does it remove the NPC conflicts? A mean, are they removed altogether, with all dialogs and quarrels, or does the patch simply remove the irreversible aspects of those debates, like killing and leaving.


P.S. The really bad thing about Viconia is that the reputation drops by 2 points whenever she joins the party. If that wasn't the case, I'd simply max the reputation out and then take her on, since evil NPCs seem to mind only when the reputation changes to a value above 18 (be it from 20 or from 18) - they don't have any problem joining the group if the reputation is already above 18. Since 20 is the maximum level, I'd simply have to make sure that the reputation doesn't decrease, which is much easier that constantly trying to keep it lower than 19. Alas.

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It's installable as a component, but you have to download the whole thing. But that doesn't mean you have to install any of the other tweaks, although you may elect to do so. Each is separate, and may be installed or not, at the player's discretion.


And I'd have to study the code to figure out how it stops the NPC fights, and I don't see that happening today. Sorry.

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