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I guess what Avenger would say (Sorry Avenger, correct me if I'm wrong).


Test gemRB !

Report any bug you would see. Compare it to original games, and tell what's wrong.


To be the most useful possible, use the latest svn revision. You'll have to compile it yourself.


Bear in mind gemrb is not complete !

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Hi, i'm a java developer from Argentina, with basic/medium C knowledge and i'm very interested in working in an Open Source proyect, i really like gemRB, I know of its existance since long ago (when it was first posted in happypenguin), so i would like to be part of it...

If you need a hand just send me a mail to: lglossman@gmail.com!


Thank you!

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A Website would be nice. Also up to date binarys. Maybe even an update tool.


In my projects we use our svn as update sollution. We have already written a nice tool for windows users.





a screenshot:



svn is nice for updates. the user can switch from stable to unstable and vice versa. We also integrated out DeveloperBlog into it. Source is GPL.

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There is a website: gemrb.sf.net

Updater?? Why would gemrb need something like that? In case there is a misunderstanding, gemrb is not a mmorpg! :)



Any help is appreciated. I suggest you get yourself a copy of gemrb and start playing with it. You should soon notice something that isn't quite right or missing. That's your queue for writting a patch or three. :)

The developers usually hang out on #gemrb on irc.freenode.net

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@lynx: gemrb.sf.net <- this is new to me :) thanks.

Everyday there is a change in svn. The softwarelifecycle is this way. Do you think the development stops, when some functionalities are done??


Its a bit difficoult for "normal" people to build gremrb everytime new. Also the newest (old) GemRB Windows binary at SF is my build (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gemrb/gemrb_win_029_p1.zip?modtime=1186176134&big_mirror=0).

I think, a little bit old.

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Interested people can build from svn. It doesn't take that much effort. For the rest there are regular releases. A classical tradeoff.


There aren't any binaries, because nobody made them. The *x* ones are even older. If you want to help with this, you are very welcome. :)


Did you suggest an updater for a regularly built gemrb binaries? While I it is doable (doesn't SF have a compile farm?), I don't think it would be used much.


Currently the svn is not in a releasable state, some of the pathfinding refactoring still needs to be fixed. But other than that, afaik all is well and I think we'll have a new release soon. :)

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Hi everyone!

I tried to help you as much as I could.

So, I decided to translate the "start" page of your wiki.

You can see it here :


I don't know exactlcy how to make possible a choice between the two languages, but it is still a good thing I think.

Don't worry if my english is not perfectly fluent, I much better to translate from english to french than from french to english! :)

I will probably try to translate the wikipedia page too.


[Edit] I have also translated the "installation" page, but I don't know how to name it since its french name would also be "installation". But I let you think of an integration of the french pages. I can translate the other pages and the documentation if you want.

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I guess that "installation-fr" would be fine, as start-fr instead of "commencer". This would help non french people to manage the wiki, especially if there are plenty of languages aaround there.


PS : J'ai regardé votre travail, qui est très complet et ne nécessite pas de retouches particulières. L'unique reproche que je ferais est la première phrase, peut-être un peu longue. Quatre lignes sans ponctuation, cela reste tout de même long.


En tout cas, bravo ! Personnellement, je n'ai jamais trouvé assez de courage pour m'atteler a ce genre de choses.

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I don't think I can rename the page. I hope someone will manage to do it. Sorry for the mistake. I prefer to wait for an answer before creating the "installation-fr" page.


PS : merci, pour mes études je fais à peu près une version par semaine, donc ça ne me prend pas plus d'une demi heure par page. Tu as bien fait de remarquer la longueur de la première phrase. J'ai mis un point au milieu pour faire une pause (surtout que la description du logicielle n'est pas spécialement claire, dans les deux langues).


Je trouve ça très frustrant de ne pas pouvoir aider au développement de ce projet si intéressant. Je pense que je vais installer pendant les vacances une version SVN et chasser des bugs sur BG2. Il faudrait peut-être essayer de sensibiliser des joueurs sur certains forums (ubuntu-fr? des forums dédiés à BG?) pour aider Avenger.

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renaming - remove the page and readd it under the new name.


I'll think about how to make the translations easily accessible. I see there is a simple plugin available. It works by having each language in its own namespace, so there is no use in renaming pages just yet.

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I think that lynx can rename pages. Wait for his answer... An other way would be to make a "fr" subdirectory and place the pages here, with the same name as the ones in the main drectories. This would make things easier if redirecting to an untranslated page. Still, these are suggestions, I never created a wiki!


EDIT : too late...

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