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Setting down the mantle

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I recently suffered a tragic and mortifying loss: the 8(ish)-year-old laptop that I had been using to test NPC Tweak and the Multi Install Tool, died. This was mostly my fault, of course, for taking to it with a screwdriver. But still, it gave me pause to think about the ridiculousness of the situation. This machine was dedicated to running Baldur's Gate 2, and occasionally Icewind Dale 1, because I don't look at them near enough to justify dual-booting my main machine (running Linux) just for them.

With each new post to the NPC Tweak and Multi Install Tool forums proclaiming that something else doesn't work, or my latest attempt at a bug fix didn't work, I am reminded of the simple truth of it. There is no way I am qualified to maintain either of these tools. I do not know WeiDU - every bit of code that has been added to NPC Tweak since it moved to G3 has, AFAICR, been written by Cam. I rewrote the Multi Install Tool in order to make it more extensible to other games and platforms. It worked better (read: it worked) before.

When I started forums for 'Team Cabala, the yet-another-mod-team mod-team', and later when I renamed it to 'Team Limbo', I was in high school, and I was just beginning to take an interest in programming. When I moved to G3, I was a first-year undergraduate. MIT and NPC Tweak *were* my side-projects, to do between assignments and in holidays.

Now, I am hoping to start an Honours degree in the new year, and have - pending release of grades and one supplementary exam - done everything I can to earn my bit of paper. And I have other side-projects now, involving programs I use every day.


When I joined G3, there was almost every other week a post from another modder 'leaving f0revar!!11' (for, usually, the third or fourth time). Now it's my turn.

I have not payed any real attention to the goings-on of the modding community in nearly two years. I have not played an Infinity Engine game in nearly four. It is time for me to move on.


And, not to put words in his mouth, but I believe that andrewas has felt this way far longer than me.


I hope that new maintenance can be found for both of my projects. I hope that someone, somewhere, can justify putting in the time and effort required to make them work.


So, thank you Gibberlings 3. Thank you Cam, thank you andrewas. Thank you everyone who has reported bugs, and thank you everyone who has tried to help fix them.

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