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mouse scroll speed too slow =>unplayable in 1024x768

Guest GNUtoo

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Gemrb is great but it has 2 problems:

1)the scroll speed is too slow in 1024x768... that makes the game unplayable,,,

2)in higher resolution than 1024x768(for instance 1920x1200) the pannel disapears...but i can play in 1024x768




gemrb 0.2.9

gentoo linux with xorg 7.2 and kde-3.5

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The mouse scroll speed is modifiable in the original game's .ini file.

You can also modify it in gemrb, but it won't save the .ini yet.


So, you need to modify baldur.ini manually.


GemRB doesn't support higher than 1024x768 yet

If you have widescreen, use the windowed mode with 1024x768.

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