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Trolling through the code in PST for the creatures, the byte at 0x031f is listed as alignment, but something is not right. It is associated with alignment, but I think its for alignment change. If you change this byte in a save game, then load it up the "Alignment changed" text floats above the character the second it finishes loading, but if you look at the stats screen you'll see it is the same alignment as it was. Further more if you save the game again, it will revert this byte back to what it was originally.


Also the byte at 0x031a looks like it is used at runtime as to what alignment symbol is displayed on the stats screen. It is zeroed out when saved, and when loaded so changing this byte before loading a game will have no effect, but changing it in memory during a running game will change the alignment symbol.

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It is because PST has a dynamic alignment system.

You see the alignment changed stuff, because it changes the alignment back from what you set to the one the variables suggest.


If the variables define what your alignment truly is, whats the purpose of this byte? I saw the vars for alignment for npc's, is this only used for non npc's? If so this should probably be reflected in the IESDP, would have saved me hours of code tracing.

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